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319 FREE Numerals and Dates Worksheets

About Our Numerals and Dates Worksheets
Welcome to the numerals and dates section of Busy Teacher. Here you can find 319 related worksheets that cover these topics at a variety of learner levels. This worksheet has several activities that have been used to help beginners practice cardinal numbers. These games can all be played as a class or in groups; the rules are simple but playing certain games like Buzz can be tricky so you may need to adapt the game to suit your students better. There are also study guides, activities, and of course date exercises you can download from this section too.
These basic topics are introduced and covered in beginner courses but to start out with, students will be dealing with a small amount of material such as cardinal numbers and months of the year. Students may need some short review exercises from time to time to refresh their memories and of course more complex numbers such as very large numbers, percents, and anything with a decimal point should be covered with intermediate students. Students in business English courses may need more practice with this specific topic than the regular English learner so be aware of the needs of your students. Saying and comprehending numbers and dates can be challenging for students; they often find these topics complex and difficult even if they prove that they have a good understanding of the material by performing well on various exercises. Be flexible and assure your students that you can give them as much practice as they want or need.
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