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  1. Princess and the Mystery BoxPrincess and the Mystery Box
    A fantastic visual teaching prompt to teach creative writing, speaking, storytelling, sequencing and lots more. Use the pictures to pre-teach vocabulary and expressions related to the theme. Excellent for encouraging creativity and imagination. For all levels!
  2. Home Idioms Shouting DictationHome Idioms Shouting Dictation
    This is a shouting dictation designed to practice a number of "home" idioms. Students begin with the shouting part of the activity then proceed to a matching-type activity where they match they idiom to its definition. As you can see, this was created to complement Speak Out Advanced (unit 3), but can be used as a standalone activity as well.
  3. Song Worksheet: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of SummerSong Worksheet: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer
    Youngblood was one of the biggest hits of summer 2018. I wrote this worksheet to practice vocabulary related to feelings and relationships. It also has a short (gap-fill) reading exercise with information about the band and their unusual video featuring Japanese rockabillies. If you like this worksheet, check out my blog for more free song lessons: www.picnicenglish.com
  4. Gerunds & Infinitives Practice WorksheetGerunds & Infinitives Practice Worksheet
    A worksheet to practise gerund and infinitive in use. It includes some verbs followed by gerund or infinitive, along with the sentences to do. There isn't a key since I have used only the verbs listed and it shouldn't be too difficult for the students to complete the sentences. That way they will learn the verbs better.
  5. American CultureAmerican Culture
    This is an extremely powerful and fun way to teach cultural awareness. This fun lesson is linked to a video which talks about common generalization that people have about Americans. Improve listening and vocabulary in a fun and meaningful way. A exceptional tool for teaching ESL/EFL but also culture.
  1. Talk for a MinuteTalk for a Minute
    This ppt is a good game for your students to practice speaking for one minute on one of the topics that they are going to choose by luck, it is appropriate for a conversation class ( beginner- intermediate), I hope you enjoy it, it 's very interesting.
  2. Songs To Study English 2Songs To Study English 2
    This Teacher's resource pack contains 16 songs to study (and - I hope - to speak) English. I used them during my lessons, made some corrections and finally decided to share. The structure of the pack is: Teacher's notes for a song followed by a students' page (worksheet). Unlike Songs To Study English 1, you can use more games and other activities with songs. That's why Appendix was added. I ...
  3. Christmas Materials Package 2010: Tons of ActivitiesChristmas Materials Package 2010: Tons of Activities
    Here's a huge 41-page Christmas materials package kindly provided by www.learnwell.fi (also publicly available from their website) that is filled with dozens of ready-to-print Christmas materials, seasonal exercises on vocabulary and grammar, Christmas dialogues and more. Download it and see for yourself - and you won't be disappointed! Merry Christmas! Activities include: Christmas board game ...
  4. Christmas BookletChristmas Booklet
    In this booklet designed for my primary school pupils, who study English for five years, there are some of the most beautiful Christmas songs (Oh Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, White Christmas, Happy Christmas) and fun activities (color by number, riddle, crossword puzzle, write a letter for Santa, Christmas acrostic write, read and ...
  5. Animal RiddlesAnimal Riddles
    Elementary worksheet consisting of 21 riddles. Students or teams of students read the riddles to each other and the other team has to guess. Focuses on reading aloud, pronunciation, listening, listening comprehension and team work. Enjoy!

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