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This site is a lifesaver. It is a great source of ideas and fantastic materials that I can use as is or modify to suit my classes. Many thanks!
Well, well, well! Words cannot express how grateful I am. Your amazing worksheets made my lessons this year very interesting.. My students love them and always look forward to using them. Always eager to discover what I'll bring to the next lesson. KudoS!
I love this site... I have become almost an addict.. It is always so interesting to see what other teachers are doing... You can adapt, use, reuse... share! Great job!
BusyTeacher.org covers all the aspects for ESL teaching which makes it ideal for busy teachers!
I should have registered before! It's simply...`PERFECT! Thanks for the great site, and keep on the great sharing and caring!
I simply love every little thing about your site, it's amazingly helpful. Keep up the great job!
BusyTeacher is a wonderful site - I can't seem to get enough of it! The free printable worksheets are amazingly creative and imaginative and my students enjoy them thoroughly. Thank you so much!
I think I have just found an oasis! It is just fair to contribute by uploading valuable material!
It is a FANTASTIC resource !!!
I really have no idea what I'd have done without you! Your free worksheets are useful for every busy teacher and interesting for the students. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!
Lovely work. Much respect to all the hard work you have put to make this site available for everyone. Thank you so much!
I really, really thank you, 'cause my classes have improved a lot since I found Busy Teacher. Whatever I need I always search here first. And my students love the activities I bring to class.
I like BusyTeacher.org very much and recommend it to my colleagues, friends and my students. Thanks a lot!
I do believe BusyTeacher is extremely helpful and useful for a really busy teacher.
You give many busy ESL teachers a generous hand of help!
This site sure makes a busy teacher's life a lot easier. I've already contributed some printable worksheets and will continue to do so.
BusyTeacher.org is the paradise for busy teachers :) It is very useful for any level of English!
The best source of worksheets I've ever seen and used!
This site is VERY helpful, and from what I've seen free of abuse. Internet has many dangers, but oh so many people willing to help each other too, if you look in the right places. One of my four or five BEST discoveries. Thank you.
BusyTeacher.org is a great advantage for the teachers to provide their students with a variety of free printable activities that are very useful at the lessons.
It's perfect! Really useful! It provides people with very rich teaching materials and original ideas!
You're simply the best. This website is my favorite. Keep it up!
I love how busy English teachers can actually share their ideas and to be inspired by the others!
Truly professional, creative attitude to teaching!
Well-planned classroom activities - I always know for sure I'll find everything I need here!
Plenty of tips,worksheets and very good ideas. Every teacher can find at least ten things a day to make classes more interesting. Great work! Keep rolling! :)
I like how all resources and sections are organized, so I know exactly where to go to find what I'm looking for.
BusyTeacher is just great! Useful and inspirational (just by checking it out many teaching ideas come to my mind); it DOES stir teacher's creativity and makes us better!
Your worksheets are soo... amazing! I also love reading your articles with so many instant, accurate and to the point tips.Thank you for your great help!
Whenever I ask myself what interesting thing I can do in class, I know where to look! The most amazing thing is the movie worksheets! Thank you!
I love this site. Not only it saves me when I'm in a hurry, it also gives me new ideas and helps me when I need how-to-teach advice.Thanks!!!
Thanks Busy Teacher! You've been a brilliant teacher to me!
When my teaching ideas ship doesn't know which harbor to sail to, the Busyteacher wind is the best wind.
Excellent work! Original ideas, really usable materials and everything is so well organized that we can easily find what we are looking for. This is just great - for busy teachers!
Well, I do believe I am too emotional. I am always feeling like expressing the way I feel about several things. The point is, I just fell in love with busyteacher.org. It's been helping me in many different ways, it's made me a better professional, and it's made me feel like improving my teaching skills. I've been using its material whenever possible so as to make my classes more appealing. I've been telling all of my co-workers about it and many of them have used it too. Thank you so much for being so generous as to make it available for everyone to use. You guys are just awesome!!!!
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