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360 FREE Warmers and Fillers

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Dead or Alive

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Warmer: Name As Many...Warmer: Name As Many...

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• » Warmers and Fillers
This a great warmer you can use to recycle any vocabulary or grammar structures I once read while diving on the Internet for ideas. The game is called Bankrupt. Collect the vocabulary flashcards y ...
308 All levels

Dead or Alive

• » Warmers and Fillers
Write "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" on the blackboard. Explain to the students that you are looking for two very strange twins. On a piece of paper hand draw two funny looking brothers very different one ...

The Alphabet Game

• » Warmers and Fillers
I have recently given this activity to my students who are in my conversation class. They work in pairs with a set of cut out alphabets folded where student A will have to pick an alphabet fo ...
46 Elementary

Directions Warmer

• » Warmers and Fillers
Write your street address on the board; you can leave out the house or apartment number. Then give directions from the school to your street, writing key phrases (turn left, go two blocks, take Ex ...
35 ElementaryPre-IntermediateIntermediateUpper Intermediate and AdvancedExam Level

Heal Me

• » Warmers and Fillers
Giving advice is always fun. Pretend to cough and ask students what you should do. Elicit answers such as, “Drink a glass of water,” or “Use a cough drop.” Write various ai ...
28 ElementaryPre-IntermediateIntermediateUpper Intermediate and AdvancedExam Level


• » Warmers and Fillers
Spotting and correcting writing errors is always a challenge for students. Here’s an engaging game for practicing this important skill. Divide the class into three groups, and then writing a ...
36 All levels

Telephone [Grammar Introductions]

• » Warmers and Fillers
Everyone knows grammar charts are dull. But you can liven them up with the old game of telephone. To introduce a new grammatical structure, whisper a sample sentence in a student’s ear. Have ...
29 All levels

How Much?

• » Warmers and Fillers
Asking how much something costs—and understanding the answer—can be a challenge for second language learners. In pairs, have students decide on a business, such as a restaurant, shoe s ...
12 All levels

Contractions: Listen Carefully!

• » Warmers and Fillers
Practice contractions through dictation: You’ll say the following sentences out loud with contractions, and the students will write them down in a notebook. Then ask individual students to c ...

I Spy Alternative

• » Warmers and Fillers
This update to the classic is a great way to work on descriptions. Start by saying, “I see something …” and describe the color, shape, and location of an object in the room. The ...

Do You Like Sushi?

• » Warmers and Fillers
In groups of three or four, students ask each other about their food likes and dislikes. Students should keep asking until they find a food that no one in the group likes. Have a representative fr ...

Color Me Red

• » Warmers and Fillers
Write the color of a student’s shirt, jeans, backpack, shoes, or purse on board and ask the class to guess who is wearing the color. Whoever gets the correct answer can write the next color ...
10 All levels

This Morning, I...

• » Warmers and Fillers
Students can practice the simple past by saying what time they got up, what they ate for breakfast, and how they got to school or work. On the board, write down what time you got up, what you ate ...
15 All levels

Paper Airplane Facts

• » Warmers and Fillers
Get your students to write 5 or more facts about themselves, fold their piece of paper into a paper airplane then fly the plane across the room. Who ever it lands nearest to, picks up the airplane ...
35 All levels

Would You Like to Move in with Me?

• » Warmers and Fillers
Getting to know each other - 'Would you like to move in with me? Time: 20 min Preparation: Revise how to form questions with the students before you start the activity. Let students imagine they ...
12 ElementaryPre-IntermediateIntermediateUpper Intermediate and AdvancedExam Level

Classroom Language

• » Warmers and Fillers
A simple and short activity to introduce classroom language at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year I wanted my students to be introduced to the classroom language I expected th ...
44 ElementaryPre-Intermediate

Nouns Warmer

• » Warmers and Fillers
Teacher discusses various topics in the class, the children will talk about people, places & things. Some of the suggested topics are: a. Your best friends b. People in your family c. Citie ...
18 Complete Beginner

HOWTO: Group Formation Idea

• » Warmers and Fillers
Students should be able to identify the name of an animal or bird written on the card and imitate a typical movement of or sound made by that animal or bird so that others can identify the animal ...
6 All levels


• » Warmers and Fillers
This is a fun way to make your students talk like they would talk in a daily life - improvising dialogues. They work in groups with different topics chosen by you or their class mates. It stimulat ...
27 All levels

Invention Game

• » Warmers and Fillers
Divide players into teams, depending on the number of students you have. Ask them to think about the future and what they wish to have then... they will be the inventors! Ask them to give name to ...
41 All levels

Who Am I?

• » Warmers and Fillers
Prepare a self adhesive label or post-it note for each young person in your group. Write on it the name of a well-known or famous person. This can be an historical character or current sportsman, ...
40 All levels

Interview Warmer

• » Warmers and Fillers
Divide your learners into pairs. Ask them to take three minutes to interview each other. Each interviewer has to find 3 interesting facts about their partner. Bring everyone back to together and a ...
13 All levels

Object Stories

• » Warmers and Fillers
Collect together a number of objects and place in a canvas bag. The objects can include everyday items i.e. a pencil, key-ring, mobile phone, but also include some more unusual ones i.e. a fossil, ...
27 All levels

Bingo (Play with the Language)

• » Warmers and Fillers
Encourage children to actively learn new vocabulary and read it out to their classmates...if they win! Get them drawing and writing the words they have choosen for the Bingo card. Reinforce and c ...
12 All levels

What Do Our Names Mean?

• » Warmers and Fillers
A good first-day activity is to, when introducing ourselves, give the meaning of our names (as well as the spelling and pronunciation as necessary). Many students will know their names’ mean ...
32 All levels

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About Warmers and Fillers Worksheets

Warmers and fillers – Short Activities

There are a lot of activities and available on BusyTeacher if you are looking for ideas for a warmer or filler activity. In fact there are currently 360 free ice-breakers and warmers to choose from. The warm-up activity described here, for example, requires very little preparation and has been successfully used by other busy teachers. It would also be enjoyable for students, especially intermediate learners, who need some practice with questions and answers.

Having short 5-minute activities on hand is always important.

They can be used as warm ups to get students to start thinking about material you plan to use in your lesson and are an excellent opportunity to get students out of their seats, moving around, and speaking. These short exercises are also useful when you finish the lesson material earlier than expected. Perhaps your students were very eager to complete the lesson activities, performed better than expected, or, on the other hand, struggled or gave up. Whatever the reason, it is important for you to use this extra time well so that students get the most from their class time.
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