Numbers Practice Worksheets - Counting & Writing Practice

Numbers Practice Worksheets - Counting & Writing Practice

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Numbers are a part of everyday life and one of the first topics students learn about when they enter preschool and elementary school. Learning to identify numbers and count is essential for young students to develop basic math skills. From counting to ten and one hundred to learning cardinal and ordinal numbers, there's so much to explore in the classroom and at home. 

We've rounded up the best numbers practice worksheets for young students that are anywhere from preschool early elementary. The resources range from games to PowerPoint presentations to fill-in-the blank activities. They are perfect for teachers looking to supplement their numbers lesson plans, as well as parents looking for some extra practice for their little ones at home. Feel free to download and use the exercises any way you'd like!

Numbers Practice Worksheets

Numbers Practice Worksheets, 1-10 & 1-100

  1. 1

    Table of Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

    As young learners are mastering their numbers, you can start to introduce ordinal numbers. This worksheet will help them connect the dots between one, two, and three and first, second, and third. The resource shows the number in the first column, followed by the ordinal number written in its abbreviation (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and the last column is the entire word written out. By displaying them side by side, students can more easily understand how the ordinal verson of the number connects with the cardinal one. 

  2. 2

    Dates, Months, & Numbers

    Here's another fun ordinal numbers worksheet for beginners. There are a few exercises included where students will have to practice writing numbers that have to do with dates, months, and special occasions. Not only will they get to practice both cardinal and ordinal numbers, but they will have a better understanding of how to talk about specific dates on the calendar. 

  3. 3

    Numbers 1 to 10

  4. If your little ones are just learning how to spell and read numbers, this is the perfect worksheet for them to complete. On one side of the assignment, students will see giant numbers with the corresponding words written out below. Students can use this page to color in the numbers and get familar with how each number is spelled. On the other side, the same numbers are written with blank boxes below them for students to fill out. Then, they will complete a word search with all of the numbers inside. 
  5. 4

    Numbers PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint presentation can be used to help beginners learn numbers one through ten. It's also great for ESL students who are learning math vocabularly. The slides go through how to count to ten and then examples for each number that include fun, adorable images of different objects (ex.- five pairs of scissors, six pencils, seven crayons). Going through the slides will help with memorization of numbers, as well as spelling. 

  6. Numbers Practice Worksheets

  7. 5

    Animals, Numbers, and Colors

    Turn your next numbers lesson into a game with this worksheet! If you're in the classroom, split the kids up into small groups of five or six. They will need something to color with and some dice. To play the game, students will take turns rolling the die. Then, they will pick an animal to color, and the rest of the group will need to write down the number that was rolled and the color that the student chose for the animal. By the end of the game, students will have mastered writing numbers and colors!

  8. 6

    Big Numbers Worksheet

    If you have older, more advanced students, they'll love the challenge of having to write out big numbers. This worksheet will give them practice reading the large numbers in word format and writing them as a numerical value. The second part of the activity is the opposite - students will be presented with the numerical value and have to write the number in words. (Examples from the worksheet: 4,786, 892, 405).

  9. 7

    Numbers up to 100

    This is an excellent worksheet for students comfortable with numbers up to 100! There are multiple exercises to give them practice with listening, writing out numbers as words, addition and subtraction, and more. Teachers can use the worksheet as an in-class activity or a homework assignment. It's also great for parents who are looking for extra practice for their kids at home. We recommend using for upper elementary and pre-intermediate students. 

  10. 8

    Bingo for Practice with Numbers

    Who doesn't love a game of Bingo? Students will enjoy this change of pace from regular lessons. Teachers can decide how to run the activity, but one way to do so is to call out addition and subtraction problems, and the answer is what students will look for on the Bingo card. For more beginner students, you can simply call out the number and have them find it. The game will also help them practice hearing the difference between similar-sounding numbers like 13 and 30. 

  11. 9

    Numbers Dominoes 

    Here's another fun game for students to play if they're learning bigger numbers, as well as ordinal numbers. Each number that's listed in the set has a matching card that has the number written out in words. Just like with a normal game of dominoes, students will have to match the corresponding numbers. It's a fun warmup activity or way to recap a lesson about numbers. 

  12. 10

    Numbers Worksheet

  13. If your students are learning about numbers 1 to 10, this is a great resource to supplement your lesson plans! By going through five different activities, students will get the chance to master these numbers and counting through word searches, matching exercises, and fill-in-the-blanks. The colors on the sheet are very vibrant and will certainly keep the attention of young learners!

For more numbers practice worksheets, check out these fun math coloring worksheets!

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