192 FREE Can Could Worksheets

192 FREE Can/Could Worksheets

About Our Can/Could Worksheets
This section is for worksheets using can and could; there are now 192 can/could worksheets included in this section. Let’s take a look at a couple of the available worksheets. This worksheet is pretty basic and just gives students practice answering basic “Can you ~?” questions so it might be a good warm up or first practice activity. The second worksheet is a group activity that combines can and animal vocabulary into a fun guessing game that would be great as a review once students feel comfortable using the different target structures on their own. If those are not quite what you are searching for, look through the rest of this page to find something that your students will enjoy. For more modal verb worksheets choose the main modal verb section; there is a lot of variety there and has great modal review worksheets too. Besides worksheets, there are links to teaching articles on this page and while they are not directly related to modal verbs, the tips can be applied to lessons about any topic.
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