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98 FREE Should/Ought to Worksheets

About Our Should/Ought to Worksheets
This is the final section of modal verbs. There are currently 98 activities for teaching and practicing should and ought to. Using the materials found here, you can combine giving advice using should and ought to with health and body related topics. There are three sets of cards and instructions for three different games but you may decided just to play one game or use the first set of cards to make flashcards for introducing different vocabulary words. Talking about illnesses is a perfect opportunity to practice giving advice and using modal verbs so even if you do not use this worksheet, you might still want to combine these topics during your lessons. Since all the worksheets on Busy Teacher are free and easy to download, be sure to look at several before selecting one. You can also edit worksheets to better suit your students. Remember that this is only one section of modal verbs; you should take a look at the main modal verbs section if you do not find what you are looking for here or if you need a review activity.
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