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Fun Birthday Quiz

Fun Birthday Quiz

  This fun Powerpoint quiz can be used as a classroom tradition for students' birthdays. The presentation includes questions and answers illustrated with funny pictures. Students can enjoy ...
1 Views 4,659 BegElemPre-Int
My Family House  Free ESL Lesson Plan

My Family House Free ESL Lesson Plan

Nathan Martin
    One of the best ways to personalize your ESL lessons is to encourage students to talk about themselves. This lesson is perfect for group or individual ESL lessons and will create ...
1 Views 6,639 Pre-Int
Family: A1

Family: A1

ESL Pals
    This lesson is ideal for new, beginner students because it is a good introductory subject and something that everybody can talk about. It presents vocabulary and questions using ...
1 Views 7,840 BegElemPre-Int
Past Continuous B1-B2

Past Continuous B1-B2

ESL Pals
  This ESL grammar lesson plan begins with an explanation of the past continuous tense and when to use it. It includes six exercises where students will learn how to use the tense correctl ...
1 Views 8,789 IntAdv
The Second Conditional  ESL Pals

The Second Conditional ESL Pals

Raedmund Gibbons
  Suitable for B1-B2 ESL students, this worksheet details the Second Conditional and explains the theory before presenting five exercises where students have to put what they have learned ...
1 Views 6,070 IntAdv
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Raedmund Gibbons
    The purpose of this ESL grammar lesson is to explore the prepositions at/on/in, a subject that is important to all beginner students. The worksheet starts by explaining the theor ...
1 Views 7,086 BegElemPre-Int
Working with Homophones

Working with Homophones

Lynne McCormick
This worksheet is suitable for preschool students (Elementary and Intermediate Levels (K-6th Grade), Level 3, and early to mid-level ESL students of any age. There are three examples of homoph ...
1 Views 2,520 BegElem
Unique New Traditions

Unique New Traditions

Use this worksheet/listening activity to kick off the New Year. It combines discussion with the discovery of some interesting New Year traditions. Students listen to a news item on unique New ...
1 Views 5,741 Pre-IntIntAdv
Don't be afraid Music Video Worksheet

Don't be afraid Music Video Worksheet

Marilia Dias
Use this Pop music video as a fill-in-the-blank exercise in your English Classes for beginners, elementary and pre-intermediate students. This song will help you to connect with your young lea ...
1 Views 4,906 BegElemPre-Int


  Knowing the experiences of other teachers can be helpful for good class management. Individual differences in a class make a teacher consider many methods of approach. When there is a nu ...
1 Views 6,392 All


marcia costa bonamin
This resource teaches and practices the order and use of the most common WH questions: HOW, HOW MUCH, HOW MANY, HOW OLD, HOW FAR, HOW OFTEN, HOW LONG, WHAT, WHAT TIME, WHAT COLOR, WHICH, WHEN, ...
1 Views 10,594 Pre-Int
Basic Grammar

Basic Grammar

Drake Viriona
  This resource for teaching English as an ESL contains clear, practical English lessons to help learners master grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spoken English. Answers are provide ...
1 Views 7,931 Pre-Int
Something just like this song worksheet

Something just like this song worksheet

  In this Pre-intermediate song worksheet, students work with the song "Something just like this" by the Chainsmokers where they think back on and consider some superheroes and their power ...
1 Views 11,260 ElemPre-Int
Grade 4 Word Problems on the four operations

Grade 4 Word Problems on the four operations

  This worksheet contains maths problems on all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are four questions each including three to four parts. All four o ...
1 Views 5,023 Exam
5 TIPS for a LESS CHALLENGING Online Class

5 TIPS for a LESS CHALLENGING Online Class

Begum Ece Yildiz
  It has been quite a while since we shifted to online education, yet, there are still a few concerns that may plague some teachers, especially the new ones. Hopefully, with these all-trie ...
1 Views 4,811 All
Family Matters

Family Matters

Darya Karagench
  Family is an easy topic to discuss, so you can have some fun and do it in an interesting way. This worksheet consists of a WARM-UP section where students have to work with quotes, a LEAR ...
1 Views 21,382 ElemPre-Int
A.I. Bot Interviews Billie Eilish

A.I. Bot Interviews Billie Eilish

Candice Soldatelli
  This ppt presentation has a link to a video with singer Billie Eilish being interviewed by Vogue Magazine A.I. Bot. Students can practice both listening and speaking (B1 level) working w ...
1 Views 7,445 Int
J.S.Bach and Baroque Music

J.S.Bach and Baroque Music

Vivien Bieliková
  The presentation comprises teaching material related to Baroque Music and the personality of J.S.Bach a – the sort of dissemination for non-commercial purposes to the widest commun ...
1 Views 4,597 Elem
Chumbawumba  Timebomb  Song gap-fill Exercise

Chumbawumba Timebomb Song gap-fill Exercise

Richard Hayward
  This song worksheet on Chumbawumba – Timebomb, is a gap-fill exercise suitable for Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels. There is a Lesson Plan  ...
1 Views 6,228 IntAdv
Song Worksheet Melanie Martinez  Mad Hatter

Song Worksheet Melanie Martinez Mad Hatter

  This song "Mad Hatter" by Melanie Martinez is from Tim Burton's movie Alice in Wonderland. Students watch and listen to the video on YouTube. This task is complicated. Before handing out ...
1 Views 9,154 IntAdv
Song worksheet: On Top of the World

Song worksheet: On Top of the World

    The subject of this worksheet is Looking for adventure | Searching for happiness. It helps practice listening skills. Students listen to the song and discuss the meaning of "bein ...
1 Views 8,920 Pre-IntInt
Song Worksheet  Alice Merton

Song Worksheet Alice Merton "No Roots" Gap Fill

  Students watch the video, listen to the lyrics and fill in the gaps. You need to pause while listening, or you may give it to your students for listening for the first time. Let them gue ...
1 Views 3,830 Pre-IntInt
Song worksheet: On Top of the World

Song worksheet: On Top of the World

  This worksheet for Pre-/Intermediate levels can be used to practise listening skills, comprehension and to discuss the meaning of "being on top of the world". It can be used as a warm-up ...
1 Views 7,714 Pre-IntInt
BINGO Gorillas

BINGO Gorillas

Teenagers, ,
  This Bingo game about gorilla's can be used as a warm-up or to close the class. It helps improve the vocabulary. When the children hear a word called out, they look at their bingo c ...
1 Views 4,099 Pre-Int
Present Simple reading  Describing People

Present Simple reading Describing People

    This worksheet was created for  Elementary level adult students. They read the descriptions and match them with the photos on page 2.  The sheet can be used to revise t ...
1 Views 14,670 BegElemPre-IntInt

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