63 FREE May/Might Worksheets

63 FREE May/Might Worksheets

About Our May/Might Worksheets
If you have run out of ideas for practicing may and might, let Busy Teacher help you. There are currently 63 worksheets on may/might and they are all free to download, print, and use in class. For pre-intermediate classes that need some extra practice with can, could, may, and might consider this practice activity. The worksheet has three similar practice activities with answer keys for each section so be sure to make copies of the right pages. You might only want to use only one of these exercises per class as students may become bored with them after a short period of time. Some students do not do well with this type of activity; if your students have trouble focusing on worksheets or working independently, choose a different type of activity instead. There are many others to choose from and this is just one section of modal verbs so there are even more worksheets available in the main section.

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