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Using the Word Like

Using the Word Like

This 12-page worksheet is to practice and revise the verb and adjective ‘LIKE’. It consists of 16 different exercises (likes & dislikes - like, would you like or do you like - ...
1 Views 34,239 ElemPre-Int
Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases

  This 13-page grammar guide includes prepositional phrases to learn about or review. It contains the most important prepositional phrases with ‘at’, ‘by’, ‘f ...
1 Views 23,360 IntAdv
Professions-Jobs Vocabulary

Professions-Jobs Vocabulary

Rahmawati junita
  This worksheet contains a list of 10 professions or jobs. Students observe the pictures for each one, then complete the sentences by filling in the blanks using capital letters and compl ...
1 Views 22,408 BegElemPre-Int
Teaching Prepositions Of Movement  Free ESL Lesson Plan

Teaching Prepositions Of Movement Free ESL Lesson Plan

Nathan Martin
  This free ESL lesson plan covers how to use prepositions of movement and direction to help elementary-level students grasp the usage of to, toward, from, and away from.&nb ...
1 Views 19,431 Elem
Linkedin Multiple Choice

Linkedin Multiple Choice

Arlindo Marco Fialho
    This multiple-choice cloze test is for students of English as a Second language at Level: B2 (upper-intermediate). This worksheet is helpful for tests such as FCE and IELTS and c ...
1 Views 11,857 Adv
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Confusing Words - Part 18

Confusing Words - Part 18

  This worksheet no. 18 practices confusing words. It's a fun way to learn or review your vocabulary. There are 9 pages, 40 exercises, and more than 160 sentences (homophones, phrasal verb ...
1 Views 12,217 IntAdv
Vocabulary  Multiple Choice

Vocabulary Multiple Choice

Sandy Maheswara
  Young learners, students must identify the correct word and then rewrite or select the answer in that multiple-choice sentence. This worksheet can be used for revision or to introduce ne ...
1 Views 13,241 Elem
Quizz: Present Continuous

Quizz: Present Continuous

Ayu Rahmi Kintan Jamil
  The present continuous tense, also known as the present progressive tense, is used to describe ongoing actions or situations happening at the present moment. It is formed by using the pr ...
1 Views 14,386 Pre-Int
Present Simple Question Practice

Present Simple Question Practice

  Young learners watch a animated video and then work in small groups to order the story cards to practice the Simple Present Questions and improve their cooperation and communication skills.
1 Views 19,294 BegElem


María Teresa Sedano Anior
  This game introduces how to SPOT FAKE NEWS. Students observe different pictures and titles, then discuss whether they think they are true or fake. After this, the teacher will reveal the ...
1 Views 11,308 All
Subordinators, Coordinators And Transitions  Free ESL Lesson Plan

Subordinators, Coordinators And Transitions Free ESL Lesson Plan

Nathan Martin
  When should you teach this lesson on subordinators, coordinators, and transitions? This ESL lesson plan download on subordinators, coordinators, and transitions is for students with inte ...
1 Views 5,649 Int
Man bites dog (newspaper headline game)

Man bites dog (newspaper headline game)

Maria Sidorova
  This board game can be used as a follow-up activity when studying the topic of Press, News, Mass Media, etc. The game aims at making headlines from a list of random words. Before playing ...
1 Views 5,628 IntAdv
Question word 'HOW'

Question word 'HOW'

    This five-page worksheet practices and revises the question word ‘How.’ It consists of seven exercises: (Complete the questions/Write questions with ‘How much&r ...
1 Views 6,935 ElemPre-Int


    This quiz worksheet helps students to revise the stylistic devices (tropes and schemes) for persuasive public speaking. It includes thirteen questions that illustrate various way ...
1 Views 6,945 IntAdv

"Happy Shopping" Match the correct vocabulary

Novi Andriani
  This worksheet features things we can find when shopping and trains students' memory with the correct vocabulary with fun and effective matching media to connect the existing pictures wi ...
1 Views 6,232 Elem
Vocabulary Worksheet

Vocabulary Worksheet

Hanum Maulida
  This worksheet is for elementary grade school and for beginners in learning English. It aims to improve and help students practice English as well as an assessment tool in teaching and l ...
1 Views 10,884 Elem
Heinrich, The Cat

Heinrich, The Cat

Fatima Perez
  This reading activity has all the pre- and post-reading tasks: lead-in, vocabulary pre-teach, set the scene, gist task, reading for specific information, follow-up, and pronunciation pra ...
1 Views 12,034 ElemPre-Int
Simple Past Tense Quiz - Grammar - Verb

Simple Past Tense Quiz - Grammar - Verb

Sandila Ramadhani
  This grammar practice worksheet focuses on the use of the Simple Past tense. It's all about simple past tense, quiz, question, practice, grammar, verb, multiple choice, etc. Students obs ...
1 Views 11,951 Pre-IntInt

"At the Beach" Vocabulary Word Search

Khonsa Syahidah
  This fun beach-themed word search can be used in the summer season. It includes words related to "At the Beach" vocabulary. There are 15 words hidden in the puzzle. See if your students ...
1 Views 4,564 BegElemPre-Int
Checking Your Luggage | American English

Checking Your Luggage | American English

Amber Spence
    In this ESL lesson, students will listen to audio of an airline employee helping a man check in to his flight and discuss things they see and do at an airport. Students will also ...
1 Views 27,416 Pre-IntInt
Choose the correct emphatic pronoun

Choose the correct emphatic pronoun

  Emphatic pronouns are compound personal pronouns such as 'myself', 'yourself', 'himself', 'ourselves', and 'themselves'. They are used to put stress on the subject. Use this handy worksh ...
1 Views 7,130 ElemPre-Int
Reporting Verbs  Free ESL Lesson Plan

Reporting Verbs Free ESL Lesson Plan

Nathan Martin
  When should you teach reporting verbs? This ESL lesson plan on reporting verbs is aimed at students with advanced proficiency levels (B2 level). To fully grasp the material, students mus ...
1 Views 7,601 Adv
Guess Who Game

Guess Who Game

Martha Juliana Fernandez
  This warm-up activity uses pictures of famous people in history. Students have to ask questions to guess the character using the given information, making it easier to ask about the pers ...
1 Views 7,201 ElemPre-Int
Kitchen Utilities

Kitchen Utilities

  This four-page grammar guide is a picture dictionary about kitchen utilities. The dictionary is laid out in different categories: For cutting, opening,  grinding and grating, measur ...
1 Views 6,145 ElemPre-Int
Joe is getting married! from the movie: When Harry met Sally

Joe is getting married! from the movie: When Harry met Sally

  This lesson is designed for two sessions of one hour each. It features two scenes from the film "When Harry Met Sally." It includes grammar (a review of defining and non-defining relativ ...
1 Views 16,757 Adv

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