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Welcome to the adverb clauses page of Busy Teacher where there are currently just 12 free worksheets posted. The site relies on teachers like you to contribute useful teaching content so if you have any worksheets on this topic, consider taking a moment to upload them for other English teachers to use. For an intermediate level worksheet on adverb clauses using when and while look here. This is a simple handout that gives some examples of sentences using adverb clauses. It also makes a good connection between adjective clauses and tenses. You can hand this out during your introduction or as a study guide at the end of the lesson. When you cover other types of adverb clauses, simply alter the worksheet by changing the target words and sample sentences. If this worksheet is not quite what you are searching for right now, look at the other available worksheets in this section and choose something that your students will enjoy.

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GRAMMAR TIP:What Are Adverb Clauses?
An adverbial clause is a clause that functions as an adverb. In other words, it contains a subject (explicit or implied) and a predicate, and it modifies a verb. According to Sidney Greenbaum and Randolph Quirk, adverbial clauses function mainly as adjuncts or disjuncts. In these functions they are like adverbial phrases, but due to their potentiality for greater explicitness, they are more often like prepositional phrases. Adverb clauses are things that modifiy verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.
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Source: Adverbial Clause on Freebase, licensed under CC-BY
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Adverbial Clauses Test

Adverbial Clauses Test

» » Adverb Clauses
This worksheet is a short test (10 sentences) based on common adverbial phrases. Students have to fill in the blanks in two tasks - given a number of letters or adding a word to some well-known c ...
1 Views 3,328 Adv


» » Adverb Clauses
This worksheet suggests what teachers and students should do with adverbs : have fun. For me as a teacher, grammar class is always an opportunity for fun. I cannot imagine dry and dull ESL/EFL gra ...
6 Views 7,252 ElemPre-Int
Concession Clauses

Concession Clauses

» » Adverb Clauses
After introducing the topic, these cards can be used to clear out doubts on the structure and formation of these clauses. It's an inductive procedure that can be fun to apply in the classroom as ...
8 Views 10,981 Int
Compare and Contrast Signal Words

Compare and Contrast Signal Words

A long and comprehensive list of  compare contrast signal words categorized by grammatical function. It helps students to use although, however, similarly and both..and correctly. You can gi ...
11 Views 24,024 Adv
Practice Past Simple and Past Progressive

Practice Past Simple and Past Progressive

Adverb Clauses, ,
In part 1 the students fill in the verbs into a story using either simple past or past progressive. In part 2 the students insert subordination adverbs into a story. For both sections, multip ...
10 Views 19,445 Pre-IntInt
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Forms and Functions

Forms and Functions

This is a workbook intended for teachers of English in our high school. This is self-learning tool allowing learners to study at their own pace. The workbook deals with the parts of speech as well ...
4 Views 7,366 Int
Exclamatory/ Emphatic Structures

Exclamatory/ Emphatic Structures

This worksheet contains both grammar theory with examples and exercises to practise. It is suitable for intermediate to upper-intermediate levels. There are different types of exercises (true/fals ...
10 Views 13,661 IntAdv
Just Rephrasing (+ key)

Just Rephrasing (+ key)

This worksheet consists of 30 sentences to practise rephrasing involving linking word, passive voice, reported speech, if clauses. The students have to rewrite the sentences. They can make the nec ...
14 Views 17,961 IntAdv
Linking Words Table

Linking Words Table

In this table, I tried to categorize all connectors and show their usages. Teaching kinds of sentences is really a hard task. By using this table teachers can show their Ss how to connect sentence ...
11 Views 16,056 Pre-IntIntAdv
Linking Words: Practice Worksheet

Linking Words: Practice Worksheet

» » Adverb Clauses
3 different exercises to revise linking words. The students have to 1) complete the sentences with a suitable, different linking word; 2) correct some sentences if necessary, and 3) join senten ...
29 Views 71,285 IntAdv
It or There (Advanced Level Worksheet)

It or There (Advanced Level Worksheet)

A very steady study about the differences between It and There with explanations, examples and exercises helping students with CAE and CPE levels. You have to crack a book sometimes in o ...
32 Views 25,797 AdvExam
When and While

When and While

, Adverb Clauses
This sheet includes visual charts that show the difference between when and while with its excellent sentences. Students can easily understand thanks to these charts.Also, examples of this sheet a ...
19 Views 21,385 ElemPre-IntInt
Identifying Types of Clauses: Upper-Intermediate Worksheet

Identifying Types of Clauses: Upper-Intermediate Worksheet

The aim is the student to identify the type of clause (for example: purpose, reason or result clause, concessive clause, rhetorical question, etc) and link it to the given sentence.
25 Views 39,890 Adv

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