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Pre-made worksheets are always handy for supplementing board and textbook work - but sometimes, you just can’t seem to find an activity that covers exactly what you want to teach. And although’s library offers thousands of worksheets for any occasion, we understand that even that much variety can’t cover every possible situation. Sometimes you’ve got a specific list of vocabulary you want to teach, or a specific theme you need to cover - or you just want to bring in an activity that you’ve made yourself.

Making worksheets in a word processor or spreadsheet program takes time, though - and time isn’t always abundant as you’re prepping for your class. That’s why offers this free word search maker, to help you put together a word search puzzle about any list of words you choose, instantly, at the click of a button. With this tool in your toolkit, you’ll never need to worry about walking into class empty-handed.’s free word search maker is a snap to use. Just choose the size of the gird you want to appear on the page, type in all the words you want your students to search for (each word on a new line), and choose the difficulty of the puzzle - whether you want the words to read only down and to the right, for example, or to appear in every direction, including backwards. Then click the “Preview” button to see what your puzzle will look like. From that page, you can go back and edit your puzzle, see a preview of exactly how it’ll look when printed, or go ahead and download a printable version of your own unique word search puzzle. That’s all there is to it!

Want to provide some fun activities for a unit on holidays, or animals, or household objects? Just type in that list of vocab words, and voila! You’ve got your very own word search puzzle, ready to use with your class. Want to help your students improve their English spelling skills, or help them learn to recognize English words more quickly? A custom word search puzzle from is a perfect way to give them some fun practice.

We don’t charge a penny for the puzzles created with this tool - in fact, you don’t even have to register on our site to use it, or to download and print any of the thousands of classroom resources you’ll find here on This site’s resources are all contributed by a community of ESL teachers all over the world - and they love to share their creations with each other, and with teachers like you. That’s why every resource you find on this site is completely free to use in your classroom, without any restrictions.

Many teachers in our community have already found that this word search maker is a hit in their classrooms - and we’re sure your students will love it, too! Just type in some words and click that “Preview” button, and you’ll be well on your way to an original puzzle worksheet, customized for your students’ needs. Give it a try - we’re sure you and your students will love the results!

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Example Word Search
Example Word Search

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No time to prepare for the lesson? Instantly create awesome-looking printable word search puzzles for your classroom with our FREE word search maker. Enter your word list (each word on a new line), and we'll do the rest. Choose an easy 5x5 grid or drag the grid size slider all the way to the right to 15x15. Your word search can go in any direction, there are three difficulty levels: Easy (right, down), Moderate (left, right, down), and Difficult (left, right, up and down). The answer sheet for teachers is included on a separate page. Enter the title below to start!

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