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Dan Pink  The Puzzle of Motivation  TED Talk Worksheet

Dan Pink The Puzzle of Motivation TED Talk Worksheet

  This is a 4-page intermediate worksheet is to accompany Dan Pink's TED Talk on Motivation. It includes discussion questions, diagrams and images to illustrate the concepts. Begin with as ...
1 Views 529 IntAdv
Song Worksheet Melanie Martinez  Mad Hatter

Song Worksheet Melanie Martinez Mad Hatter

  This song "Mad Hatter" by Melanie Martinez is from Tim Burton's movie Alice in Wonderland. Students watch and listen to the video on YouTube. This task is complicated. Before handing out ...
1 Views 3,877 IntAdv
Song worksheet: On Top of the World

Song worksheet: On Top of the World

    The subject of this worksheet is Looking for adventure | Searching for happiness. It helps practice listening skills. Students listen to the song and discuss the meaning of "bein ...
1 Views 518 Pre-IntInt
Song Worksheet  Alice Merton

Song Worksheet Alice Merton "No Roots" Gap Fill

  Students watch the video, listen to the lyrics and fill in the gaps. You need to pause while listening, or you may give it to your students for listening for the first time. Let them gue ...
1 Views 1,134 Pre-IntInt
Spelling Activity: Famous Inventions

Spelling Activity: Famous Inventions

  This short spelling activity for elementary learners includes a list of 12 inventions. Students learn the spellings and firstly put them in alphabetical order. They must then choose the ...
1 Views 666 Elem
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Song worksheet: On Top of the World

Song worksheet: On Top of the World

  This worksheet for Pre-/Intermediate levels can be used to practise listening skills, comprehension and to discuss the meaning of "being on top of the world". It can be used as a warm-up ...
1 Views 2,260 Pre-IntInt
BINGO Gorillas

BINGO Gorillas

  This Bingo game about gorilla's can be used as a warm-up or to close the class. It helps improve the vocabulary. When the children hear a word called out, they look at their bingo c ...
1 Views 1,328 Pre-Int
Present Simple reading  Describing People

Present Simple reading Describing People

    This worksheet was created for  Elementary level adult students. They read the descriptions and match them with the photos on page 2.  The sheet can be used to revise t ...
1 Views 1,397 BegElemPre-IntInt
Cloze Activity  Seed Dispersal

Cloze Activity Seed Dispersal

  This science resource includes some interesting facts for students to learn about seed dispersal in our natural environment. Students read the facts about seed dispersal and fill in the ...
1 Views 1,106 ElemPre-Int
American Elections Debate

American Elections Debate

Hellen Haga
  This group activity can also be done in pairs. It includes 4 tasks and a warm-up: Warm-up: ask what students already know about the electoral college; Task 1: watch and discuss a video i ...
1 Views 1,301 Adv
The Moon Cloze Activity

The Moon Cloze Activity

  Who was the first man to land on the moon? What is the tallest mountain on the moon? This science resource asks students to read through the facts about the moon and fill in the missing ...
1 Views 1,710 Elem
The Passenger By Iggy Pop, Fill In The Blank Worksheet

The Passenger By Iggy Pop, Fill In The Blank Worksheet

Natalia Juiz
  This worksheet uses "The Passenger", a song by Iggy Pop as a listening exercise. Students have to fill in the gaps and order the lines. It includes a short biography of the artist and a ...
1 Views 887 Pre-IntInt
Music Maroon 5

Music Maroon 5

  Learners listen to the pop song Beautiful Mistake from Maroon 5.  on YouTube. Suitable for teenagers, who read the lyrics and answer the questions on the worksheet by filling in the ...
1 Views 862 BegElemPre-IntInt
Research Activity  The Rat

Research Activity The Rat

  Where do rats live? What do rats eat? Find out some interesting facts by completing this fun research activity. This resource can also be used as an extra resource when teaching students ...
1 Views 1,191 Elem
Greta Thunberg Listening Comprehension

Greta Thunberg Listening Comprehension

  This listening comprehension exercise is based on Greta's Thunberg's famous "How dare you" speech at the UN. It includes a fill-in-the-blanks question. At the end of the worksheet, there ...
1 Views 1,605 Pre-IntInt
American Saturday Night Song Sheet

American Saturday Night Song Sheet

Yuvia Chairez
This worksheet to be used along with Brad Paisley's American Saturday Night is for intermediate levels of ESL learners. The song has several activities, mostly aimed at translating, usage ...
1 Views 1,355 Int
Sesame Street listening/watching practise A2

Sesame Street listening/watching practise A2

Valentina Danho
  This simple worksheet is for students who are about 11– 22 years old at CEFR level A2 to practise watching and listening, using an episode of Sesame street on YouTube. Q1 could als ...
1 Views 1,110 Elem
Intermediate English Course: Present Tense Video Clip Descriptions

Intermediate English Course: Present Tense Video Clip Descriptions

J.T. Taylor
  This implicit course consists of 30 third-person objective short video clips in the present tense, focusing on the third-person singular. The descriptions are in sentence puzzles with mi ...
1 Views 946 Pre-IntIntAdv
Reading Comprehension  Abraham Lincoln

Reading Comprehension Abraham Lincoln

  Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809. He was the 16th President of the United States of America, serving from March 1861 through April 1865, until he was assassinated. Students c ...
1 Views 2,543 ElemPre-Int
ESL Activity Sheet For Children  Label The Snowman

ESL Activity Sheet For Children Label The Snowman

Ellie @ Osito ESL
  This ESL Activity Sheet for small children can be used to talk about body parts and clothing and to teach/revise vocabulary. Children can label and color in the sheet (reading and w ...
1 Views 1,468 BegElem
Washington  How many words?

Washington How many words?

  This short worksheet can be used as an extra teaching resource to improve the vocabulary and spelling. How many words can your students make by rearranging the letters in the word WASHIN ...
1 Views 1,120 ElemPre-Int
James Dean

James Dean

  This worksheet will help students practice their listening skills and learn some useful vocabulary including set phrases. It can be set as a home task or done in pairs during a lesson. I ...
1 Views 2,207 Pre-IntInt
The Very Hungry Worksheet

The Very Hungry Worksheet

Manuelle Almada
  This worksheet is for young beginner and elementary students. It’s an activity to work on the fruit and colors vocabulary, is and are "to be" verb forms, health and unhealthy food ...
1 Views 3,653 BegElem
Creative thinking  Rebus puzzles

Creative thinking Rebus puzzles

  Get your students' brains ticking with this creative thinking activity: Rebus puzzles are little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phr ...
1 Views 3,060 Elem
Vincent By Tim Burton Movie Worksheet

Vincent By Tim Burton Movie Worksheet

Brenda Carolina
  This lesson is based on the short movie Vincent by Tim Burton. It helps with vocabulary and comprehension and includes pre- and while-watching activities. Students match the words to the ...
1 Views 2,751 ElemPre-Int

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