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Student Skills Evaluation Chart

Student Skills Evaluation Chart

, L1 and L2
This is the chart I use to evaluate my students. It includes all the elements that should be evaluated according to the curriculum,apart from tests. There are four grading parts in a school year w ...
1 Views 5,736 All
Adjectives With -able / -ible Suffixes

Adjectives With -able / -ible Suffixes

Marina Deschenko
This is a list of basic adjectives derived with the help of -able/ -ible suffixes with productive stems and Russian translations followed by a quizlet set to encourage memorizing and five exercise ...
1 Views 13,990 Pre-IntInt
Movie Worksheet: Polish Grandpa Learns English

Movie Worksheet: Polish Grandpa Learns English

This worksheet is based on the youtube video about an old man who flew to London to see his granddaughter. It can be a nice ice breaker or filler for a range of levels. You could do all the tasks ...
8 Views 14,139 Pre-IntInt
Listening: Pronunciation for Portuguese Speakers

Listening: Pronunciation for Portuguese Speakers

This is a simple listening activity addressed to Brazilian learners, but of course it can be applied to all students. I adapted this activity from a book, called Take Over, by Denise Santos. The a ...
5 Views 14,798 BegElem
Konglish - Eat Deliciously - Alternative Phrases

Konglish - Eat Deliciously - Alternative Phrases

Serena Calderisi
This is aimed at Korean L1 interference from directly translating the phrase 'eat deliciously' incorrectly, but maybe other non-native speakers make this mistake too. It contains alternative vocab ...
2 Views 8,086 All
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