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Although you�ll never run out of pre-made ESL worksheets when you use�s huge library, sometimes you just want to put together an activity of your own. But putting together an activity in your word processor or spreadsheet program takes time. Where can you turn when you need to help your class practice the vocabulary words or idioms you�ve been teaching them, but you�re in a rush to plan your lesson?

Turn to�s word scramble maker, of course! This free online tool makes creating word scrambles for your class a snap. Just type in a word or phrase, click �Preview,� and presto! You�ve got a whole page of word scrambles - no two alike - ready to print, clip, and hand out to your students. It couldn�t be any easier - and it�s totally free to use as much as you like.

These word scrambles are easy to attempt, but not so easy to solve - which means they�ll keep your students busy for a while. We�ll scramble the word or phrase you entered, letter by letter, into a set of boxes. It�ll be up to your students to arrange the letters into the right boxes, and divide up the result into actual English words. Along the way, they�ll get practice with correct English spelling, and they�ll get used to the look of the words on the page, so they�ll be able to recognize them more quickly in their reading assignments.

Here�s an idea: try using�s free word scramble maker to create word scrambles based on themed vocabulary words. Working through a unit on holidays, or animals, or vacation spots? Just type in the relevant vocabulary words, and we do the rest! In a flash, you�ll have a whole stack of unique word scrambles, all nicely formatted and ready to print. You�ll even get the answer sheet for each word scramble we generate - on a separate page, so your students can�t peek at it. offers this tool for free because we�re all about sharing. This website is maintained by a community of ESL teachers around the globe - teachers just like you, who work hard to create the activities they use in their lessons, and want to share the results of that hard work with each other - and with you. That�s why our word scrambles are completely free to create, download, print, use in your classroom, and share with others. You don�t even have to register on our site to use them however you want.

Not sure how your word scramble will look? Once you�ve clicked the �Preview� button, you�ll be taken to a second page where you can preview the full version with answers, go back and edit the text you�ve typed, or download the final version for printing. Every step of the process is simple and intuitive, so you know exactly what you�ll be getting when you click that �Download� button.

So give it a try! Create your first word scramble, and bring the unique result into your classroom today. We guarantee your students will love the challenge, as so many other ESL students all over the world already do.

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Example Word Scramble
Example Word Scramble

FREE Word Scramble Maker

Create your own custom word scrambles with our FREE word scramble generator. Instantly create awesome-looking printable scramble puzzles using words or sentences - your students will love them! The answer sheet is included on a separate page. Enter the title below here to start!

Enter a meaningful title. It will be displayed on the printout.
Example: St. Valentine's Day Scramble
Enter the word or phrase:
Enter the word/sentence to be scrambled. Hint: For sentences, start with a capital letter, add a full stop at the end.
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How many letters should be on each tile?
Hint: 2 is super difficult, 3 is difficult for longer sentences. 4 is moderate difficulty, so we recommend this setting.