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Here at BusyTeacher we have created this section for seasonal activities which are further organized by month. Activities related to holidays and certain times of the year are posted in this part of the website. Currently there are 819 such worksheets available as well as some articles with a variety of lesson ideas. This spring worksheet here, for example, is for a simple craft activity perfect for beginning learners. The vocabulary words umbrella, flower, and rain or raindrop are all related to spring. Have students write the words on the back of the objects so that the final product, a mobile, can function as a study device and decoration. All of our materials are free and easy to print out so take a moment to find something for your students.
Activities like the ones included in this section are interesting because they relate to the time of year. This is nice because the topic is not arbitrary but relates directly to the students lives. Exercises about different seasons give students the opportunity to talk about things they enjoy doing. Additionally, lessons on holidays can be used either as cultural lessons where students learn about the practices of other cultures or as a chance for students to share their thoughts as well as learn some new, unique vocabulary. Seasonal activities can be a lot of fun and allow everyone to take a short break from the textbook material and focus on the world around them.

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Halloween Facts Cloze Activity

Halloween Facts Cloze Activity

  What is Samhainophobia? What are the colors of Halloween? Why are jack-o'-lanterns carved? Students read the facts about Halloween and fill in the missing words on this Halloween-themed ...
2 Views 2,952 Elem
Benjamin Franklin  Word Search Activity

Benjamin Franklin Word Search Activity

This fun word search includes words that are associated with Benjamin Franklin. Students can try and find all of the words hidden in the grid. To make the exercise more interesting, see how many ...
2 Views 623 Elem
Biography  Barack Obama

Biography Barack Obama

  This biography about Barack Obama can be used when teaching students about political and historical figures. Students carry out research and find out more interesting facts about the 44t ...
2 Views 1,111 ElemPre-Int
Famous People  Presidents' Day Quiz (multiple choice)

Famous People Presidents' Day Quiz (multiple choice)

  There are 11 multiple choice questions for students to answer on this short worksheet. Which president had been an army general in World War II? Who was the president of the United ...
1 Views 2,191 ElemPre-Int
Reading Comprehension  Charles Dickens

Reading Comprehension Charles Dickens

  This reading comprehension includes some interesting facts and information about the famous writer Charles Dickens who was born on 7th February in 1812. He created some of the most famou ...
1 Views 5,136 Elem
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Cloze Exercise  Abraham Lincoln

Cloze Exercise Abraham Lincoln

  This fun educational cloze activity can be used in your class when teaching students reading comprehension. Students read the facts about the 16th President of the United States, Abraham ...
1 Views 2,543 ElemPre-Int
Spelling Activity: Famous Inventions

Spelling Activity: Famous Inventions

  This short spelling activity for elementary learners includes a list of 12 inventions. Students learn the spellings and firstly put them in alphabetical order. They must then choose the ...
1 Views 1,839 Elem
Love Activities for the ESL Classroom that will Melt Your Students' Hearts

Love Activities for the ESL Classroom that will Melt Your Students' Hearts

When February rolls around a young man’s fancy turns to love, at least, his girlfriend hopes he starts to think about Valentine’s Day. There are many things traditionally associated ...
8 Views 87,231 All
Speed Dating Monsters - Halloween Game

Speed Dating Monsters - Halloween Game

Paloma Valencia Castro
This game is perfect for Halloween. It consists on a speed-dating session with monsters. Each students will have a card to write information about themselves. This information will be randomly ch ...
1 Views 15,163 All
Halloween Night - Kids Song Fill in the Blank

Halloween Night - Kids Song Fill in the Blank

BusyTeacher Contributor
Here is the worksheet of the song practice--Halloween Night "Halloween Night" is a children's Halloween song designed to give kids a gentle introduction to Halloween and the traditional creatures ...
1 Views 7,092 ElemPre-Int
Cloze Activity - Rosa Parks

Cloze Activity - Rosa Parks

Students are asked to read the sentences and fill in the missing words from the word bank to complete the facts about Rosa Parks. This worksheet was created by www.primaryleap.co.uk Example: Rea ...
1 Views 17,431 ElemPre-Int
Chinese New Year Quiz

Chinese New Year Quiz

This fun quiz can be used as an extra resource when teaching the topic: Chinese New Year, or any English language lesson. Created by www.primaryleap.co.uk Some of the questions include: How many ...
1 Views 9,732 Elem
Art As a From of Resistance During the Holocaust PowerPoint

Art As a From of Resistance During the Holocaust PowerPoint

The lesson introduces students to the art created by the persecuted Jews, namely teenagers, during the Holocaust. The lesson focuses on the use of drawings as the way to resist oppression and per ...
1 Views 5,844 Pre-IntInt
Traditional British Christmas Foods

Traditional British Christmas Foods

The video-based worksheet allows students to explore traditional British Christmas dishes. The tasks are aimed at Elementary or pre-Intermediate learners and rely on images and matching strategie ...
1 Views 13,904 ElemPre-Int
Frosty the Snowman (1969) Worksheet

Frosty the Snowman (1969) Worksheet

This 26 minute Frosty the Snowman animated video is a classic from 1969. This worksheet is for pre-intermediate and up. It's in eight parts with each part's approximate start and end time listed. ...
1 Views 20,381 Pre-IntIntAdv
Hanukkah Worksheet - Research Activity

Hanukkah Worksheet - Research Activity

To celebrate Hanukkah we have created this research activity for students to enjoy. This worksheet was created by PrimaryLeap.co.uk. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights and lasts for eight d ...
2 Views 14,345 Elem
Christmas Chatterbox

Christmas Chatterbox

Helen Close
This appeals to all ages, making a Christmas chatterbox. We discuss greetings that are used at Christmas both spoken and written. There are a number on the sheet you can choose from. Students wri ...
1 Views 22,264 All
December Calendar and Holiday Coloring Pages

December Calendar and Holiday Coloring Pages

This 8-page worksheet contains the calendar for the month of December where you can put important dates and your students' Birthdays (if any), and 7 pages of December symbols and characters that c ...
14 Views 21,492 BegElemPre-Int
Song Worksheet: Halloween-The Addams Family

Song Worksheet: Halloween-The Addams Family

First, students have to guess/look up the meaning of some words connected to Halloween or scary things. Then they have to complete the lyrics of the theme song of The Addams Family with those wor ...
2 Views 17,210 All
Summer at the Seaside

Summer at the Seaside

This is a worksheet for elementary students on summer vocabulary. Students are asked to choose a word from the box and write it down under the right picture. Vocabulary included: bikini, mask, sw ...
19 Views 46,266 BegElem
Summer Holiday Travelling Brainstormer

Summer Holiday Travelling Brainstormer

This is a worksheet to brainstorm destinations, packing lists, ways to travel, and things to see and do. It can then be followed by a speaking activity. And after that you could have your students ...
18 Views 41,267 Elem
Summer Boardgame

Summer Boardgame

Teach or revise summer vocabulary with this boardgame. Students must advance on the board with dice, when they land on a picture they must name it, spell it and or use it in a sentence. This activ ...
18 Views 29,425 ElemPre-Int
Welcome Unit Worksheet

Welcome Unit Worksheet

Blanca Aragón
It's never too early to start planning for next year! Matching exercises to revise personal information, months, seasons, colors, and practise asking and answering questions in pairs to activat ...
1 Views 16,730 BegElem
Friends worksheet 05x11

Friends worksheet 05x11

Pauliane Godoy
This is a worksheet based on the famous tv series Friends. It's an activity that can be usedo with intermediate students or higher. This episode is about New Year's Eve resolutions. It's funny an ...
1 Views 13,991 IntAdv

"Friends" Season 3 Episode 9 Thanksgiving TV Episode Worksheet (The One With The Football)

This is a worksheet based a full episode of the TV show, "Friends" (Season 3, Episode 9: The One With The Football). It includes matching activities to pre-teach relevant vocabulary and listening ...
1 Views 24,844 IntAdv

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