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189 FREE Reported Speech Worksheets

About Our Reported Speech Worksheets

BusyTeacher.org says, “We’ve got 189 reported speech worksheets just for you!” And once you’ve tried some of them in your classroom, we’re sure you’ll agree with thousands of other teachers all over the world, who’ve said, “BusyTeacher.org is a great site for ESL resources!”

All cheesiness aside, reported speech can be a little confusing for some ESL students, but it’s simple to teach if you have the right tools. Just about every language involves some form of reported speech - so once your students get the general idea, they should be off and running with any activities you give them. The question is, how can you make sure you give them a solid foundation in English reported speech?

By starting with BusyTeacher.org worksheets, of course! When you use some of these 189 worksheets along with the more rigorous exercises in your textbook, your students will quickly gain experience in all the ways English can be used to report speech. Then it’s time to turn them loose on some of the fun activities and games you’ll find on this page, so they can start using reported speech in sentences and descriptions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching basic reported speech to ESL level-one beginners, or practicing advanced reported speech with your level-five students - you’ll find worksheets here that are perfectly adapted for your students’ skill and experience. And whether you want to quiz them with some fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice worksheets, help them analyze reported speech in English-language movies and TV shows, or get them up and active with some reported speech games, BusyTeacher.org has got the right worksheets for you.

Working through a special themed unit? We love that! We’ve got worksheets based on work and school vocabulary, animals, cartoon characters, emotions, movies, and much more. BusyTeacher.org even has worksheets that target specific aspects of reported speech, like direct speech, reporting verbs, and impersonal report structures. We’ve got a reported speech worksheet for everybody, from ESL beginners to advanced students; from classes full of kids to business English seminars.

Not sure where to start with our 189 reported speech worksheets? Try looking through the top ten most popular ones, or searching using the bar at the top of the page. Or if you’d prefer to just browse, all our worksheets are easy to preview as thumbnail images, or with our handy “Quick View” feature, which lets you get a one-click preview of each worksheet before you download it.

And just so you know, every worksheet you’ll find here is totally free to download, share, and duplicate. That’s thanks to our international community of ESL teachers, who’ve created each of these worksheets themselves, and tested them in their own classrooms. Want to say thanks? Why not share a worksheet of your own? Just click the “Submit a worksheet” button at the bottom of this page to get started.

BusyTeacher.org’s 189 reported speech worksheets await - so start scrolling! We’re sure your students will love the worksheets you find.

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