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182 FREE Second Conditional Worksheets

About Our Second Conditional Worksheets
With 182 worksheets available in this section, Busy Teacher is pleased to be able to offer a variety of worksheets and activities that can work in ESL classrooms around the world. This is a comprehensive fifty minute lesson plan on the second conditional. You could conduct the whole lesson or incorporate parts of it into a lesson plan of your own. Letís take a look at some of the activities. First there is a pair exercise, then a group activity where students complete second conditional sentences, and finally a game that can be played as a class. The last page is a worksheet that combines first and second conditionals and would make an excellent homework assignment. It is important when teaching conditionals that students build on their knowledge instead of dealing with each conditional separately. Once a new conditional has been introduced and practiced, give students an activity or two that combines the new conditional with the ones they already know.
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