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This subjunctive mood section is one of two subsections for mood and is a somewhat more advanced topic than the indicative and imperative moods. Some students may be confused by the subjunctive mood so it is important to give students sufficient guided practice. You can use one of the 7 available worksheets to help them understand its uses better or use one of the worksheets from the general mood section which has a greater variety of worksheets. While songs and movies are excellent teaching tools, they often demonstrate incorrect usage of the subjunctive mood so you have to be careful when making your selection. One you might want to consider is If I Knew You Were Coming by Eileen Barton because it is repetitive enough for students to catch everything and has a very simple meaning. With a song like this you can create different exercises focusing not just on mood but also about the content or meaning of the song. This section could use more worksheets so if you have already taught your students about the subjunctive mood, take a minute to upload your worksheet for other busy teachers to use.

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GRAMMAR TIP:What Is Subjunctive Mood?
In grammar, the subjunctive mood (abbreviated sjv or sbjv) is a verb mood typically used in subordinate clauses to express various states of irreality such as wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, or action that has not yet occurred. It is sometimes referred to as the conjunctive mood, as it often follows a conjunction.
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Second Conditional - If I were President

Second Conditional - If I were President

English Through Videos
This worksheet is designed to be used with a YouTube video. It helps learners practise using the Second Conditional or Unreal Conditional. It is a multiple choice and discussion activity. Studen ...
1 Views 47,411 Pre-IntIntAdv
Subjunctive Mood Worksheet

Subjunctive Mood Worksheet

maria tyropolis
» » Subjunctive Mood
This is a present subjunctive worksheet for better understanding and practice of intermediate and upper-intermediate students who wish to sit for American certificate exams. Students are required ...
8 Views 54,518 IntAdv
Steve Job's Speech at Standford University ( Listening)

Steve Job's Speech at Standford University ( Listening)

This worksheet is addressed to high intermediate students or advanced. Ideal to practice listening as well as past tenses, 3rd conditional. Students are asked to do pre-listening activities, whi ...
12 Views 32,800 IntAdv
Conditionals in Context ( Part 3)

Conditionals in Context ( Part 3)

It's the third part of an exercise set practising all types of conditionals in context. It is recommended for intermediate and upper-intermediate students. The students are to complete the sentenc ...
11 Views 24,237 IntAdv
Grammar Worksheet: Conditionals in Context (Part II)

Grammar Worksheet: Conditionals in Context (Part II)

It's the second part of an exercise set practising all types of conditionals in context. It provides a funny dialogue, a mistake correction exercise and a speaking/writing exercise. The students a ...
21 Views 42,868 Pre-IntIntAdvExam
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Subjunctive Mood Exercises

Subjunctive Mood Exercises

» » Subjunctive Mood
This material provides a great opportunity for your students to practice Subjunctive Mood. Here you will find 12 sentences. You can give this worksheet to your class as a homework assignment or a ...
21 Views 70,968 Adv
Song Worksheet: What If by Coldplay [WITH VIDEO]

Song Worksheet: What If by Coldplay [WITH VIDEO]

The song “What If” by Coldplay is great for teaching Conditional Sentences and Modals. It is a listening activity that helps to practice what-if- questions. Do not forget to remind yo ...
9 Views 31,777 IntAdv
Movie Worksheet: 500 Days of Summer

Movie Worksheet: 500 Days of Summer

Hello busy teachers! For those who love having fun with students during a movie night, I'm uploading my activities for the wonderful movie '500 days of summer' with Zooey Dechannel and Joseph Gord ...
44 Views 32,828 Pre-IntIntAdv

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