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March worksheetsMarch is the month when it's getting warmer and you can use this opportunity to gently 'push' your classes into learning some more English! Presenting our March worksheets - created and tested by teachers for teachers! All the worksheets you can see here are FREE - you are welcome to download each of them (or all of them!) and use in your classroom. Our March worksheets collection is growing as our teachers are adding self-made printable worksheets, handouts and lesson plans that will help you turn every March lesson into something your learners will remember forever!
Thank you for visiting the March section of BusyTeacher. March is a great time of year and the worksheets available in this section reflect that. Two topics that teachers focus on in this month are Saint Patrick’s Day and spring which make it a very good month indeed. Currently there are 86 March worksheets posted in this section. This March worksheet as well as this one are both March appropriate word searches. They would be good activities for beginners. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to use these worksheets as inspirations for your own activities because every class is different.
School systems around the world follow different schedules so your location may have an impact on your March activities. Students in Korea will be starting a new school year, students in Japan will finish their studies for the year, and in the United States there is spring break to look forward to. Besides Saint Patrick’s Day and spring, you can also cover less common topics such as International Women’s Day or International Earth Day. If your students have done the same Saint Patrick’s Day lesson for several years, it may be just the thing they need to break out of their repetitive cycle. Discussing topics like these will also allow your students to think about some very important issues like women’s right and recycling. Like any other teacher, ESL teachers have a significant impact on their students both inside and outside the classroom so the topics you choose for your lessons could greatly affect your students.

86 March Worksheets!

At the moment we have 86 free March worksheets, and counting. We would be happy if you could come back after using them and provide some feedback or rate the worksheets you have used with your students - this will help other teachers who will come after you.
Happy Teaching in March!
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