67 FREE January Worksheets for Your ESL Classes

67 FREE January Worksheets

About Our January Worksheets
Welcome to our January worksheets category where every ESL teacher will find tons of free printable January worksheets. Everything you see here is free and can be downloaded and used in your English lesson. Whether you're looking for a simple crossword or something more complex for a higher level learners - we got everything! Please let us know about your experience using our worksheets by coming back and leaving a comment, or simply rathing the worksheets you have tried with your classes. We would also appreciate if you could contribute, too - by submitting your own January worksheets!

67 January Worksheets!

Our focus in the January worksheets section is primarily on winter, winter vacation, New Year’s Day and the Chinese New Year. We have 67 free January worksheets that can be used in ESL classrooms around the world. Here is a simple worksheet for elementary learners on winter vocabulary. You can use it to introduce or practice new words and then conduct a related practice activity afterwards. Some busy teachers have had success combining this worksheet with the dominoes game also available in this section. Weather obviously varies a great deal from place to place but you can also adapt this worksheet to talk about the January weather in your location in order to make it more suitable for your students.
In January it may be hard to keep students focused especially if they have had a long winter holiday so remember to be patient and allow their enthusiasm to structure some of your activities. Give them the opportunity to talk about the things they are interested in during your class period so that they are not whispering about them whenever you turn your back. Do not underestimate the importance of sharing information about holidays, vacations, or traditions. These things have a very meaningful place in your students’ lives so they would get a lot from being able to discuss them. It is also interesting to see how various families observe holidays differently. You can even share your experiences if students are calm enough to listen.
Happy Teaching in January!
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