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232 FREE Shopping/Clothes Worksheets

About Our Shopping/Clothes Worksheets
Welcome to the section of the site for shopping and clothes related activities. There are quite a number of shopping worksheets in this section with 232 being the current total. You should have no problem finding something that your students will enjoy. This is a shopping worksheet for elementary learners who need some extra practice determining where certain items are sold. It is laid out very clearly and easy to customize if you have other words and phrases you would like students to focus on. This can be used as a review of items or even as an introduction to see what students already know. If your students are working on something else, consider using one of the other printable worksheets instead.
As with most topics you can include shopping and clothes in your lessons in many ways from introducing basic vocabulary to having discussions about consumerism. The complexity of your lesson plan and activities will depend on the abilities of your students. This topic is great because it can be adapted to every level and age group. Young learners can learn just the basics about shopping and clothes, while intermediate and school aged students can talk about fashion and advanced students can have a related discussion. The interests of your students will help you determine how best to integrate the topic into your lessons.
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