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Mingling Activities – Ready, Set, Go!

Get students out of their seats and interacting with one another using one of Busy Teacher’s 343 mingling activity worksheets. They are free and a great way to increase student speaking time. This mingling worksheet, for example, focuses on talking about time and routines. It includes some key target vocabulary for beginners and could easily be used as a warm-up, practice, or review activity. If your class is studying a different topic, you can simply search for a worksheet that is more appropriate for your students.
Mingling activities are important because they increase the amount of time individual students have to practice speaking while building their self confidence. Often students are too shy to speak in front of the entire class but since the whole classroom is buzzing with voices during these types of exercises, students are more willing to express themselves.

Most mingling exercises should be fast-paced so keep them short.

Students must then work hard to complete their objective within the time limit and will be less easily distracted. Mingling activities are difficult to monitor so be sure that students have plenty of practice using the target structures and vocabulary before starting.
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