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Some topics can be challenging to create lesson material for so there are sections for a wide array of ESL topics on the site. This section is dedicated to pronouns; take a look at some of the 387 pronoun worksheets to find something that your students will enjoy. Many teachers have used this worksheet to give their students more practice using demonstrative pronouns. It is very straightforward with a brief review of the uses of this, that, these, and those followed by some fill in the blank sentences for practice. Be sure to create an answer key for yourself to make answering questions and giving corrections in class easier. There are other great worksheets here too so make sure you look at a few other them before deciding what you would like to use in class. If you want to you can even combine the exercises from several worksheets to make your own customized handout. Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns which sounds simple enough except that there are lots of different kinds of pronouns. In order to help students understand this material clearly, subjective pronouns are usually covered first with other types of pronouns coming later in the course. Make sure students understand one set of pronouns before moving on to new material. Here is a link to a fun YouTube video about pronouns that your students might like. It clearly demonstrates the important function of pronouns.

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GRAMMAR TIP:What Are Pronouns?
In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun (Lat: pronomen) is a pro-form that substitutes for a noun (or noun phrase), such as, in English, the words it (substituting for the name of a certain object) and he (substituting for the name of a person). The replaced noun is called the antecedent of the pronoun. For example, consider the sentence "Lisa gave the coat to Phil." All three nouns in the sentence can be replaced by pronouns: "She gave it to him." If the coat, Lisa, and Phil have been previously mentioned, the listener can deduce what the pronouns she, it and him refer to and therefore understand the meaning of the sentence; however, if the sentence "She gave it to him." is the first presentation of the idea, none of the pronouns have antecedents, and each pronoun is therefore ambiguous. Pronouns without antecedents are also called unprecursed pronouns. English grammar allows pronouns to potentially have multiple candidate antecedents.
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ESL Worksheet  Pronouns (I, you, he, and she)

ESL Worksheet Pronouns (I, you, he, and she)

  This short and easy printable worksheet covers pronouns. Pronouns are words like I, you, he, and she. This handy resource is perfect for ESL learners to study and understand pronouns. St ...
2 Views 6,859 ElemPre-Int
Noun Quiz

Noun Quiz

BusyTeacher Contributor
  This noun quiz helps learners understand the different types of nouns. The point value of the nouns and pronouns may be changed. There are 14 questions: 1–10 are easy, but 11&ndash ...
1 Views 4,781 ElemInt
Song Worksheet  Always remember us this way  Lady Gaga

Song Worksheet Always remember us this way Lady Gaga

Claudia Fiuza
  There are four different exercises on this song worksheet to practice parts of speech. They include opposites, verb tenses (simple present, simple past, and simple future), and translati ...
1 Views 8,452 Pre-IntInt
PowerPoint: Song  The Sound of Silence

PowerPoint: Song The Sound of Silence

  Using songs is a multiple and enjoyable way of practicing English from listening comprehension to grammar rules.  In this song there are three defined activities and three more you ...
1 Views 7,247 IntAdv
Reading: What are they doing?

Reading: What are they doing?

  Suitable for complete adult beginners and all ages, this booklet features exercises with the present continuous verb tense and pronouns and contracted pronouns. It introduces nouns with ...
1 Views 10,335 Beg
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Learning about Clothes & Colour

Learning about Clothes & Colour

  Suitable all ages and complete adult beginners, this resource helps improve the vocabulary. It includes describing different colours and clothing, has proper nouns, revision activities a ...
1 Views 6,746 BegElem
Reader 1 Reading Writing Listening Speaking

Reader 1 Reading Writing Listening Speaking

  Written for complete adult beginners, this booklet is also suitable for all ages. It introduces the present continuous tense, pronouns and pronoun contractions set around the activities ...
1 Views 7,631 Beg
Are they happy or sad? Reader 3

Are they happy or sad? Reader 3

  Suitable for all ages and complete adult beginners, this booklet discusses present continuous verbs, pronouns, contracted pronouns, nouns and introduces ‘feelings’ to learn s ...
1 Views 6,663 Beg
Demonstratives  This, that, these, those

Demonstratives This, that, these, those

  We use demonstrative pronouns like this and these to refer to people/things that are near us. We use that and those to refer to people/things that are NOT near us. Students choose t ...
1 Views 13,114 Elem
Revision of basic structures

Revision of basic structures

This worksheet is a revision of basic structures in English: be, have got, there is/are, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and possessive adjectives. I have done it for my students and it ...
1 Views 9,920 Elem
Pronouns Chart

Pronouns Chart

Nikoletta Cséke
This is a chart including object pronouns, personal pronouns and possessive adjectives. After introducing the object pronouns you can give this to them as a summary of what they have already lea ...
1 Views 14,228 Elem
Pronouns And Possession: I, Me, My Or Mine?

Pronouns And Possession: I, Me, My Or Mine?

In this worksheet, students have the opportunity to review subject and object pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns. The exercise is a conversation with gaps - students need to ...
1 Views 9,780 Pre-Int
Demonstrative Pronouns (this - that - these - those)

Demonstrative Pronouns (this - that - these - those)

This, that, these, those Grammar Illustration for Young Learners. This handout can help students remember that these words are used to point to something near them. For a singular thing, to use ...
1 Views 19,611 BegElem

Conversation "About Me" Worksheet

  Conversation lesson "all about me" inspires students to talk about themselves and practice WH words. This worksheet is suitable for a conversation class.
1 Views 20,699 Pre-Int
Introduction To Indefinite Pronouns Song Worksheet

Introduction To Indefinite Pronouns Song Worksheet

While listening to two American songs, students will get familiar with compounds of every, some, any and no (indefinite pronouns). This worksheet includes listening and speaking tasks as well as s ...
1 Views 17,382 ElemPre-Int
To Be Simple Present Worksheet

To Be Simple Present Worksheet

With this worksheet students will answer some exercises in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms of the verb to be in the simple present. It can be used to practice and to review the v ...
1 Views 28,885 Elem
Simple Present, Auxilaries, Interview, Object Pronouns (4 of 24)

Simple Present, Auxilaries, Interview, Object Pronouns (4 of 24)

Michael Patrick
Lesson 4 of this 24 part series in intermediate English as a second language designed exclusively for native Spanish speakers. Simple present phrases help students identify this tense. Also incl ...
1 Views 12,790 Pre-IntInt
Grammar Revision with The Cranberries - Animal Instinct

Grammar Revision with The Cranberries - Animal Instinct

Paloma Valencia Castro
This fun activity will help students practice some grammar elements such as past tenses, pronouns and the future with 'will'. Ideal for elementary or pre-intermediate students. The song can be par ...
1 Views 19,304 ElemPre-Int
Pronouns and Homophones Worksheet

Pronouns and Homophones Worksheet

El-Sayed Ramadan
Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Some examples of homophone pairs include read/reed, write/right, and their/there. Some pronouns and pronoun/verb ...
1 Views 40,024 Pre-IntInt
He/She/His/Her Slideshow Presentation

He/She/His/Her Slideshow Presentation

It has been always difficult to me to teach the personal pronouns in an interesting and meaningful way. Thinking about that, I prepared this power point presentation in which you'll find a very b ...
1 Views 15,524 Beg
Song Worksheet: I Must be Dreaming by The Maine (Present Simple)

Song Worksheet: I Must be Dreaming by The Maine (Present Simple)

It's a great song to make beginner students understand the usage of the verbs in Present Simple, according to the pronouns. They have the words that are missing already, so they must listen and co ...
1 Views 11,883 BegElemPre-IntExam
Personal Pronouns x Possessive Pronouns

Personal Pronouns x Possessive Pronouns

A worksheet to practice the personal pronouns and possessive pronouns. In the exercise there is a short explanation followed by simple examples. This worksheet has been created in order to help el ...
1 Views 40,016 BegElem
Pronouns and Verbs To Be (+Contractions)

Pronouns and Verbs To Be (+Contractions)

Test your students' knowledge with a few of the most basic (but important) of the English skills. Beginner students should learn to understand the relationship between personal pronouns and the ve ...
1 Views 22,323 BegElem
Occupations Word Search

Occupations Word Search

Students can use this worksheet as a warm-up activity and learn some words related to occupations. This activity can be done as an in-class activity or students can work individually. The idea is ...
4 Views 15,883 Beg
Family Tree Pictures

Family Tree Pictures

Donna Kovacs
This is a simple family tree with pictures of grandmother, grandfather son and two daughters and their respective wives, husbands and children. I use it to present family vocabulary and possessive ...
7 Views 47,156 BegElemPre-Int

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