4 FREE To Be Worksheets

FREE Be to Worksheets

Here you can find practice exercises for be to. There are now just 4 worksheets in this section but the number of worksheets on Busy Teacher is always growing because of worksheet contributions from teachers like you. One of the most popular modal worksheets helps students practice modals of obligation. The entire exercise takes about thirty to forty minutes and includes a number of modal verbs. It is a great group activity where students make rules and regulations for specific locations without using certain words. It is very clever and there are enough location cards for eight groups. If your class is larger, you can have duplicates or make up your own cards while for smaller classes, you might have students work individually or perhaps in pairs to complete the activity. Be sure to allow time for students to share their rules with the class at the end of the activity. There are many other modal verb worksheets so choose another subsection if you are focusing on a different modal verb or the main modal verb section if you would like a combination or review activity such as the one described above.

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Revision of basic structures

Revision of basic structures

This worksheet is a revision of basic structures in English: be, have got, there is/are, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and possessive adjectives. I have done it for my students and it ...
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Other Ways Of Expressing Future

Other Ways Of Expressing Future

Be to,
This handout presents extended information on ways to express future other than tenses. These expressions with future meaning such as ‘be about/likely/due/set/ bound to’ etc. are acco ...
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Various Exercises for Elementary Students 2

Various Exercises for Elementary Students 2

This worksheet contains 7 exercises for elementary students. The tasks are concerned with the use of: the verb TO BE, the Present Simple tense, prepositions, adverbs of frequency and plural forms ...
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[Grammar] To Be Verb

[Grammar] To Be Verb

, Be to
I have used various resources to create this "To Be Verb" worksheet. I have included the basic rules at the beginning of the worksheet along with some exercises that students can complete. Exerci ...
11 Views 36,255 BegElemPre-Int
Maggie's Family

Maggie's Family

Reading comprehension for beginners aroud family members including grammar activities and a written expression where learners present their families after they have drawn their family trees.The fo ...
22 Views 30,408 BegElem
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