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Dictations Listen Carefully!

You have reached the Dictations section of Busy Teacher. Here you can see 38 free worksheets to use in your classes. When you find one that is appropriate for your students, simply download and print these ready to use activities. This dictation worksheet, for example, has a gap fill exercise and the teaching materials for an activity that will help students practice listening and writing. It also can be used as a review of letter structure. Due to its content, you can use this worksheet when you discuss politely accepting and declining invitations too. For additional practice, just have students check the answers aloud as a class. You may be covering a different topic but there are other worksheets to check out and you can save this one for an appropriate time.
Dictation is being used less frequently in ESL classrooms but it can be an excellent way for students to practice listening and writing. You can use these exercises to test spelling of specific vocabulary words and the punctuation of target structures. When combined with reading and speaking exercises, you will have a lesson that appeals to all different types of learners.
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