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67 FREE Say/Tell/Speak/Talk Worksheets

About Our Say/Tell/Speak/Talk Worksheets
Welcome to a special section of Busy Teacher where you can find some speaking exercises with the following verbs: say, tell, speak. Right now there are 67 such worksheets available such as this one. It is designed to get students talking with one another and introducing themselves. There are a number of activities with directions provided both on the worksheet and in the worksheet description online. With the exception of the temperament vocabulary, this is a rather simple worksheet for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. You may consider editing that particular section to make it more appropriate for your lower level learners. If your students have already completed their introductions, consider using a different worksheet in your class.
Speaking activities are so important in ESL classrooms since students need lots of practice with pronunciation and communicating in English. There are a wide variety of speaking exercises that you can use such as model dialogues, role plays, and interview activities. Using a variety of activities will keep students interested and engaged while also maximizing their practice time. Some activities can be done in pairs, in groups, and even as a class. Your class size may help you decide how best to group your students for speaking activities. Be sure to give students a chance to present material to the class too.
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