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Mulan Movie Activities

Mulan Movie Activities

BusyTeacher Contributor
Learning English through watching movies is something that makes the process of learning more meaningful to young students. This worksheet incorporates watching and listening activities that have ...
1 Views 2,511 ElemInt
Stop Game

Stop Game

Ronaldo Cardoso
Stop Game is a fun game for students of all ages! Your students have to select a letter to start and write the words of the six different categories (occupation, fruit, food, thing ...
5 Views 3,863 Elem
Movie Worksheet: Red Dwarf Lesson B2-C1

Movie Worksheet: Red Dwarf Lesson B2-C1

Jeremy Wysakowski-Walters
This lesson provides both some comic relief from the tedium of course books as well as comprehension and speaking practice. The worksheet must be used in conjunction with episode one of Red Dwarf, ...
1 Views 3,348 Adv
Drama World Talent

Drama World Talent

This drama is about a television talent show called World Talent, where contestants from around the world compete to see who is the most talented performer. Each week the contestants perform in fr ...
1 Views 11,300 Pre-Int
Movie Worksheet: Motivation

Movie Worksheet: Motivation

Tatiana Buzuverova
This lesson is based on the video about self-motivation. Activities include a great part of speaking: monologue in pairs, discussing interesting and maybe unusual facts open class. There is a list ...
1 Views 5,629 Pre-Int
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What Makes a Good Friend

What Makes a Good Friend

•, Motivation,
I used this worksheet in values, when working with "friendship". There is also a video on youtube which supports the handout and will help the students to get a punctuation when finishing the "fri ...
6 Views 7,194 Pre-IntInt
Impromptu Speaking in the Classroom: What Would You Do?

Impromptu Speaking in the Classroom: What Would You Do?

Students will be able to develop fluent communication strategies, improve speaking skills, discuss and expose their opinions about controversial issues. Each student will raffle a card that c ...
8 Views 18,263 IntAdv
Movie Worksheet: Polish Grandpa Learns English

Movie Worksheet: Polish Grandpa Learns English

This worksheet is based on the youtube video about an old man who flew to London to see his granddaughter. It can be a nice ice breaker or filler for a range of levels. You could do all the tasks ...
6 Views 6,340 Pre-IntInt
An English Kiosk in the Street

An English Kiosk in the Street

For a fun challenge, ‘sell’ English words and sentences on a sidewalk, in a school hallway or maybe in a corner of a classroom. I've attached some printable paper money, alterable word ...
3 Views 8,522 Pre-IntIntAdvExam
An English Vendor-Purveyor of English Words

An English Vendor-Purveyor of English Words

Bill Wilkens
Do you sometimes find it difficult to connect well with students in the classroom setting? I do. How about becoming a vendor of English words and sentences on the sidewalk, outside school, etc.? I ...
1 Views 3,997 All
Welcome Back Cover

Welcome Back Cover

Students complete this worksheet with personal information the first day of class and then they can use it as a cover of their exercise books. It can be perfectly used with groups of kids that sta ...
3 Views 5,810 BegElem

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