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282 FREE Sports and Hobbies Worksheets

About Our Sports and Hobbies Worksheets
People like to talk about their favorite sports and personal hobbies which is why it is such a wonderful ESL topic. There are currently 282 sports worksheets that you can choose from that focus on these things. This worksheet includes a listening activity using Madonna’s song “This Used to Be My Playground” as well as several other exercises. It is designed for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners for practice using the past simple and used to. There is even a music video that you and your students can enjoy included on the website. Keep in mind that it will take several repetitions for students to complete all the activities. For other activities look at the rest of the section or narrow down your search by clicking on the subsection link.
The popularity of certain sports and hobbies will vary from country to country and also between age ranges. If you are planning to do a sports or hobbies themed lesson, make a point of choosing topics that will appeal specifically to your learners. This will encourage them to connect with the lesson material and participate fully in activities. If you are unsure what topics they will enjoy, have them complete a short survey or volunteer ideas. It is always best to make sure you are on the right track before creating a lesson plan than to realize midway through the lesson that you chose material incorrectly.
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