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24 FREE Independence Day Worksheets

About Our Independence Day Worksheets
This page is about Independence Day! The 24 worksheets are primarily about Independence Day in the United States but many other countries celebrate their independence too so, if possible, relate the topic to a holiday your students may be familiar with. This article about Independence Day would be perfect for a class of intermediate students. There is some useful information that you may choose to read aloud or ask your students to read and you can use this material as the basis for a worksheet. Students may not know all the words used in the passage so you could pre-teach new words, elicit definitions if you think students might know some of them, or use this lesson to have students practice using their dictionaries. Whatever you decide, students will appreciate the cultural lesson as a break from their textbook. There are other worksheets available in this section too so have a look at them before deciding which one you would like to use for class.
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