Found: An American Flag

Found: An American Flag

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Found: An American Flag
This is a full 5-page lesson plan that would make a great Independence Day (4th of July) lesson. It contains an ad for a found object (American flag) that Ss read and answer all sorts of pre- and post-reading questions, as well as do some other post-reading activities such as 2-part Venn diagram, drawing and writing a simple text.

The ad text contains a Past Simple sentence, so you can also use it for Past Simple presentation or practice (questions and affirmative sentences).

We would like to thank Evan-Moor Corp. for providing this cool lesson plan for free download on their website.


Full ad text:



Found in park after Fourth of July parade. Rectangular-shaped cloth. Has 13 stripes and 50 white stars in the upper left-hand corner. If you want to wave this at the next parade, call Sam at 555-2486.