20 FREE Reflexive Pronouns Worksheets
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20 FREE Reflexive Pronouns Worksheets

About Our Reflexive Pronouns Worksheets
Welcome to the reflexive pronoun page of Busy Teacher. You will find 20 worksheets related to this topic. Since all the worksheets are free, you might want to download a few before choosing one that your students will enjoy. This popular worksheet is an example of what you might find in the reflexive pronoun section. It was made for elementary and pre-intermediate students. The first part has a lot of useful information that students can refer to while completing the five practice exercises. The activities increase in difficulty so students can start off slowly and confidently on the first page and then be challenged on the second page. You could also break this worksheet up and complete the exercises over the course of several lesson periods. The answer key is included. If that is not suitable for your class, do not worry, worksheets are posted by teachers working with a wide variety of student ages, nationalities, and ability levels so each one is unique. Busy Teacher could use your worksheets on reflexive pronouns too so take a moment to upload them.
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