13 FREE End of Year Worksheets

FREE End of Year Worksheets

Once upon a time, it seemed like this class stretched out before you and your students like a long road - and now, here you are, already at the end. Well, maybe you’re not feeling quite that emotional about it - but even so, the last few classes with your students are an important time. Although many of them probably look like they’re ready to slip out the door already, the end of the year (or the class) is the time to run back over the essentials of the grammar and vocabulary you’ve taught, and do your best to make sure your students remember not just what you worked on toward the end, but at least some of what you’ve addressed throughout the whole class.

That’s a tall order - which is why a lot of teachers just kick back and take it easy for the last few classes. But why quit while you’re ahead? Why not spend the last few classes reviewing what you and your class have worked on, with some fun, light-hearted activities that’ll boost their confidence as they try out their newly-learned English skills. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? All that’s left is to figure out which activities to use.

BusyTeacher.org is two steps ahead of you. Our 13 end of year worksheets provide the perfect complement to the excitement and energy of an ESL class that’s in the process of wrapping up. They’re entertaining, relaxing, and simple - without going too easy on your students. After all, you want to keep them engaged right up to the end, don’t you?

Some of our end of year worksheets offer creative twists on classic classroom games like “Jeopardy” and role playing. Others offer students the opportunity to put their ESL skills to use as they discuss pop songs, recent movies, upcoming holidays, and other topics that are on everyone’s mind right now. While you won’t find much drilling or repetition here, you’ll still find enough depth to keep your students on-point, as they bring together all the knowledge they’ve gained in your class to produce the best English sentences they’ve written and spoken so far - no matter if they’re level one beginners or level five ESL pros.

You don’t have to worry about whether any of these worksheets will really work in your classroom - because every last one of them was created and classroom-tested by real ESL teachers all over the world. They’ve made these worksheets completely free for you to download, print, duplicate and modify, without paying a penny or even registering on BusyTeacher.org. All our community asks is that, next time you create a worksheet that’s a hit with your class, you share it with us too, by clicking the “Submit a worksheet” button at the bottom of this page.

You can start by checking out our top ten most popular worksheets - or browse the whole collection using our convenient thumbnail view. These little thumbnail pictures enable you to get a clear sense of what each worksheet is like before you even download it - which can be quite the time-saver as you’re preparing at the last minute. Once you’ve found a worksheet you want to use, just click to download it, and it’s all yours.

There’s no time like the present - so take a look through our 13 end of year worksheets below, find one that looks right for your class, and give it a try. We’re sure you’ll love the results.

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Summer Holiday Travelling Brainstormer

Summer Holiday Travelling Brainstormer

This is a worksheet to brainstorm destinations, packing lists, ways to travel, and things to see and do. It can then be followed by a speaking activity. And after that you could have your students ...
18 Views 50,650 Elem
Song Worksheet: Golden Boy by Nadav Guedj (Eurovision 2015)

Song Worksheet: Golden Boy by Nadav Guedj (Eurovision 2015)

Here you will find the song worksheet with a random fill in the blank with word bank at the bottom. Singer- Nadav Guedj from the Eurorvision 2015, contest team Israel. Great for the end of th ...
2 Views 8,835 All
Movie Worksheet: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech)

Movie Worksheet: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech)

End of Year,
This is a video based activity for the final class of the year or the end of the course. Students first need to learn what a commencement speech is. Then as an example they watch the video, do the ...
7 Views 26,828 Adv
Chinese New Year Worksheet

Chinese New Year Worksheet

This is a word scramble for the Chinese zodiac signs, sentences to match match zodiac signs with, and a few bonus words. The bonus words are pineapple, envelope, lantern, rice cake, and tangerine ...
6 Views 19,658 ElemPre-Int
Christmas Tasks for FCE Students

Christmas Tasks for FCE Students

, End of Year, ,
These worksheets give FCE students extra practice while completing Christmas related tasks. The material includes: Speaking - parts 1, 2, 3 and 4; Reading - part 2; Use of English - part 2 and Wri ...
20 Views 35,597 Exam
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Movie Worksheet: Friends (The One with All the Resolutions)

Movie Worksheet: Friends (The One with All the Resolutions)

TV series Friends season 7, episode 11 to talk about New Year's Eve and resolutions for the coming year. This lesson plan can include listening to the song 'Millennium' by Robbie Williams which mi ...
8 Views 37,060 Pre-IntIntAdv
Song Worksheet: Hooray! Hooray!

Song Worksheet: Hooray! Hooray!

Let the children have a fun time before the holidays, the song for this worksheet is a peppy sixties’ number called ‘Hooray Hooray’ by Boney M. It’s meant for probably up t ...
4 Views 11,630 BegElem
English Is Fun!

English Is Fun!

This PPT contains several word and vocabulary games. It can be used at back-to-school lessons or occasionally for classroom entertainment. Some teachers may use it to test some aspects of English ...
30 Views 33,818 ElemPre-Int
The End of the World 2012

The End of the World 2012

This is a reading worksheet with an element of discussion. It is based on the end of the world theory for 21 December 2012. The students get a chance to voice their own opinion about the matter. A ...
12 Views 22,553 Adv
Jeopardy! Final Game for an Elementary Course

Jeopardy! Final Game for an Elementary Course

It's a presentation created to review the whole material of an elementary course before students get to writing their final test. The presentation contains an interactive game "Jeopardy!" I think ...
39 Views 50,787 Elem
Word Hunt

Word Hunt

, End of Year
It is a worksheet to use at the end of the year and test students about their vocabulary in English. My students loved it. Hope you will enjoy it!! Students can play in two and the teacher reads t ...
15 Views 29,265 All
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (47 slides with 3 extra activities)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (47 slides with 3 extra activities)

, End of Year,
This ppt consists of 44 animated slides with vocabulary about Christmas celebrations including Christmas, New Year's Eve & Three Wise Mean & Santa Claus. There are also 3 extra activities ...
26 Views 24,995 Pre-IntIntAdv
Summer Break from School

Summer Break from School

, End of Year,
This is an end of year seek and find for low level readers. It uses sight words of activities they might do at home or on vacation. List of words used in this word search: CAMP, READ, BIKE, WALK ...
8 Views 16,150 Beg

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