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About Our Present Continuous Worksheets
Teachers can always use some new ideas so welcome to the present continuous page which has not only worksheets, but also several articles and warmers that you can use when teaching this topic. For this topic, there are now 367 available worksheets which you can print out as they are, edit, or even just use for ideas when creating handouts of your very own. This Present Progressive worksheet is perfect for young students. It consists of two exercises; in the first exercise students complete sentences with present continuous verbs and then match those sentences to the pictures in part two. This is a great way to check not only their comprehension of the tense but also of vocabulary words and sentences. The images are so cute; your students are sure to enjoy them. If you’d like to make changes, simply edit it to suit your needs. If you are teaching older students or think another activity might be better for your students, just look through the rest of the section. There are plenty of worksheets to choose from.
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