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22 FREE Horoscopes/Zodiac Sign Worksheets

About Our Horoscopes/Zodiac Sign Worksheets
Oddly enough, this is a popular ESL topic even though for most people it is not a common subject. If you are unsure of where to begin or are looking for some great practice activities, check out the 22 available worksheets on horoscopes and zodiac signs. This clever horoscope worksheet allows students to practice using the future tense to write horoscopes. While the names of the different zodiac signs are challenging, this is a creative way to introduce the topic of horoscopes and allow students to practice using an important tense. Rather than having each student create a horoscope for all twelve signs, consider breaking the class into groups for the activity or giving each sign to only one or two students to work on. Take a look at some other worksheets in this section for material better suited to high level learners.
Some people would say that ESL students have no need to learn about their zodiac sign or horoscope however this depends on the country in which you are teaching. In some locations this may be important and thus a more common topic of conversation. You can tie this in with other topics such as calendars or even romance depending on the age and interests of your students. If your school has a monthly newsletter, consider asking the principal to include one of the horoscopes your students wrote in the next edition.
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