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995 FREE Describing People and Things Worksheets

About Our Describing People and Things Worksheets
Welcome to the section of the site that deals with descriptive words. There are 995 worksheets available on this topic and they are all FREE, printable, and easy to use. In order to make your search easier, there are sub-sections you can use to narrow down your results. This worksheet focuses on using There is and There are, prepositions of place, and describing a place. It is recommended for pre-intermediate students. One excellent thing about this worksheet is its appearance; the bright, attractive colors are something students will enjoy and activities are clearly laid out. The variety of exercises also makes this a good choice for learners of any age. You might be at a different point in your course so consider other worksheets for your upcoming lessons.
Descriptive words are so important because they enable students to express how people and objects are distinct from one another and give more details about those that are most important to them. When practicing descriptive words, try to avoid describing students in the class because this may make some students self conscious instead, use celebrities, family members or pets to practice. This is more fun and avoids giving anyone unwanted attention. Questions about the class would be appropriate if for example you want to compare your height with the height of a student. Descriptive words are important vocabulary for students to master and are used not just when the topic is introduced but throughout the course especially when it comes to learning comparative and superlative structures.
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