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22 FREE Suggestions and Offers Worksheets

About Our Suggestions and Offers Worksheets
This is the suggestions and offers section of the Busy Teacher site. Welcome! There are now 22 free worksheets in this category but feel free to upload your worksheets too. Other teachers will definitely appreciate your hard work. To give you an example of the worksheets in this section check out this page. It is a study guide about giving advice for pre-intermediate students with some practice exercises. There are also teachers’ notes included which make using it in your classroom even easier. For other similar activities on this topic browse through the worksheets and simply download and print the one you like best.
You can introduce vocabulary related to giving suggestions or advice and making offers in any class. It is also great opportunity to role play and practice using some modal verbs such as should, ought to, and may. The amount of material you include will depend on the level of your learners. Obviously younger students should only be introduced to a few key phrases while advanced learners can handle a lot more variety and intricacy. This is an excellent topic to include in your lessons as students will be able to think of real life situations in which they can use this material. Rather than try to think of problems to present your students with for the role plays, have students anonymously submit problems. Hand the problems out at random for students to practice role playing with their partners. This will ensure that your class works with material relevant to them.
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