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You have reached the permission vocabulary part of Busy Teacher. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for among the 7 worksheets teachers have submitted on this particular topic. The worksheet posted here has a short fill in the blank, role play activity that might be suitable for adult classes. For younger learners, think about exploring different topics and relationships instead of the husband and wife one that this activity focuses on. If you have any similar worksheets, please consider sharing them with other teachers by uploading them to this site.
Learning how to ask for permission is very important and something that you can easily introduce to learners of any age group or level. Simple classroom English should include the permission phrases that you think are most common. These words and phrases can be displayed on your classroom walls as reminders for students. When they have reached the pre-intermediate level consider devoting a lesson to asking for permission. You will definitely want to introduce a broader variety of phrases in intermediate and advanced classes. Be sure to have students ask for permission correctly before giving them what they are asking for. Correction after the fact will not have as great an impact.

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Life Stages - New Total English Pre-Intermediate

Life Stages - New Total English Pre-Intermediate

The present worksheet is excellent material for revising the vocabulary and grammar connected to Unit 5 of New Total English Pre-Intermediate 1 Student's book. It can also be used as a short quiz ...
4 Views 16,473 Pre-Int
Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

This worksheet was created to Unit 10 of the New Total English Elementary 2 course book and aims to practice school subjects, expressions in connection with learning and modal verbs (have to, don' ...
2 Views 13,734 ElemPre-Int
Permissions: Be Allowed To

Permissions: Be Allowed To

» Permission
This worksheet contains a class speaking activity in which ss work in groups of four, they have to ask other classmates questions using the expression be allowed to, they can use a chart for the a ...
10 Views 22,515 Pre-IntIntAdv
I Have A Curfew [TO BE ALLOWED TO]

I Have A Curfew [TO BE ALLOWED TO]

» Permission
Short worksheet to develop the use of the structure: "I'm not allowed to...." Basically, this worksheet may be used with EFL students, as in my case. The topic of this handout can help you as teac ...
5 Views 13,153 Elem
Cartoon Worksheet: Tangled

Cartoon Worksheet: Tangled

This worksheet was used in the middle of a project on negotiations. It's an oral comprehension on three parts of the Walt Disney movie: the start when Rapunzel tells the audience about her everyda ...
7 Views 19,209 Pre-IntInt
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Be Allowed To / Be Forbidden To

Be Allowed To / Be Forbidden To

» Permission
This worksheet will help students practice two phrases used to express prohibition. These two phrases are: "to be allowed to" and "to be forbidden to ". As they are quite common, it is useful to ...
8 Views 19,512 Pre-Int
Polite requests roleplay

Polite requests roleplay

A gapfill of a roleplay involving phrasal verbs and polite requests.
40 Views 73,289 Int

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