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  1. Present Perfect vs Past Simple

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  1. Present Perfect vs Past SimplePresent Perfect vs Past Simple
    Present perfect vs past simple exercises with key. It can be used as an exercise during the lesson or as homework. It checks if a student can use 'has' instead of 'have' and the third form of irregular verbs.
  2. Seasons in IndonesiaSeasons in Indonesia
    Indonesia has two seasons, this worksheet will tell students what the seasons are, what people have to do and what the weather is like during the season. This worksheet begins with the dialogue between a grandfather and his grandson. The grandson asks his granfther aboutseasons in Indonesia and the grandfather explains it all. There are some questions related to the dialogue and the last part ...
  3. First Semester YLE Level Exam (Cambride Flyers Level)First Semester YLE Level Exam (Cambride Flyers Level)
    Extensive exercises with comparatives and superlatives. It also contins "some" and "any" with questions, negatives and positives. There is some vocabulary related to autumn and places around town. This is based on lessons from Cambrige Publication's "Quick Minds 6".
  4. Second Semester A2 Level ExamSecond Semester A2 Level Exam
    This is an exam which includes exercises on sense verbs, countable and uncountable nouns, expressions with "have got", when to use "how much / many / a lot of / lots of / too and enough". It also features vocabulary related to clothes and food along with winter and other holiday vocabulary.
  5. First Semester A2 Level ExamFirst Semester A2 Level Exam
    This is a test on questions , negative responses and positive responses with verbs "have" , "do", "like + ing", all in present simple. There are also exercises on adverbs, daily routines, places around town with the vocabulary related to the classroom and autumn.
  1. Movie Wprksheet: Short Film+ Description Activity ( Past)Movie Wprksheet: Short Film+ Description Activity ( Past)
    This worksheet is designed to be used with a YouTube video. It helps learners practise the use of past tenses to describe what happened in a short film. Play the video using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=265FwMPSUSwIt is a writing activity, although it can also be done as a speaking task. After watching each clip, the students are given a number of verbs which help them describe t ...
  2. The Barber's Pole - High Level Gap FillThe Barber's Pole - High Level Gap Fill
    This worksheet is a reading activity for high level learners with an excellent grasp of the English language. Students must read the paragraphs and fill the gaps using the word key at the bottom of the page. A good worksheet to challenge high level students who want to expand their vocabulary. There is a teacher's guide with answer key in the second page. For more original worksheets and teach ...
  3. Articles: A, An or The?Articles: A, An or The?
    Straightforward exercise to practice the usage and recognition of singular countable nouns along with a, an or the. I have used this exercise a few times after teaching articles. Ask each student why a, an or the is used? Have them show you the basic knowledge and understanding.
  4. Conditional 2 and 3Conditional 2 and 3
    As part of the interdisciplinary program we have at school this worksheet  is used to practice the use of conditional 2 and conditional 3 along with the first chapter about the French Revolution. You can give extra points if they find the correct answers.
  5. Story- Phantom of the OperaStory- Phantom of the Opera
    We made this worksheet for a reader lesson activity for 10th graders. They read the chapters and try to find the answers in the book. 
  1. Talk for a MinuteTalk for a Minute
    This ppt is a good game for your students to practice speaking for one minute on one of the topics that they are going to choose by luck, it is appropriate for a conversation class ( beginner- intermediate), I hope you enjoy it, it 's very interesting.
  2. Verb Tenses BoardgameVerb Tenses Boardgame
    Here's another board game I made to get your students into verb tenses. I've used the present simple and present continuous/past simple and past continuous but you can of course use all tenses, it's up to you. I made a rule that one student tells they other student in which tense he/she has to make a sentence. Play it the way you want and of course it's fully editable!Let me know if you spot a ...
  3. Songs To Study English 2Songs To Study English 2
    This Teacher's resource pack contains 16 songs to study (and - I hope - to speak) English. I used them during my lessons, made some corrections and finally decided to share. The structure of the pack is: Teacher's notes for a song followed by a students' page (worksheet). Unlike Songs To Study English 1, you can use more games and other activities with songs. That's why Appendix was added. I ...
  4. Christmas Materials Package 2010: Tons of ActivitiesChristmas Materials Package 2010: Tons of Activities
    Here's a huge 41-page Christmas materials package kindly provided by www.learnwell.fi (also publicly available from their website) that is filled with dozens of ready-to-print Christmas materials, seasonal exercises on vocabulary and grammar, Christmas dialogues and more. Download it and see for yourself - and you won't be disappointed! Merry Christmas! Activities include: Christmas board game ...
  5. Christmas BookletChristmas Booklet
    In this booklet designed for my primary school pupils, who study English for five years, there are some of the most beautiful Christmas songs (Oh Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, White Christmas, Happy Christmas) and fun activities (color by number, riddle, crossword puzzle, write a letter for Santa, Christmas acrostic write, read and ...

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