Heidi: Part One
Heidi: Part One

A very nice reading passage for pre-intermediate levels. I've enjoyed a lot making this worksheet and included many comprehension exercises(4 pages). So, I really hope you like it.

It has:
1) a vocabulary section (some definitions of the words from the text are given, students have to put the words in the sentences);
2) a comprehension section (finding the correct answer to the questions (multiple choice exercise) and arranging sentences in a logical order);
3) a grammar section that deals with past simple and adjectives (first, students have to find them in the given sentences taken from the text and then, practice writing their own sentences);
4) some word formation tasks (first, students are introduced with the meaning of the suffixes -ly and -ful and have to identify the words ending with these suffixes in the sentences taken from the text and then, and then, they have to analise some words according to the models and give their own examples);
5) the homework section ( completing the table and writing a paragraph summarizing the first part of the story).
Have a great morning/day/evening!

4 out of 5, rated by 33 teachers
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