Alphabet Lessons, Worksheets & Activities for ESL Students

Alphabet Lessons, Worksheets & Activities for ESL Students

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The alphabets are the foundation of learning a new language and are among the first things taught to new ESL students. However, ensuring that your students can effortlessly recognize, read, write, and know each letter’s corresponding sound isn’t always an easy task. 

ESL Alphabet Lessons, Worksheets & Activities


In this post, we have rounded up a list of ESL alphabet lessons, worksheets, and activities that would help your students get one step closer to reading. These worksheets are geared towards elementary-level students as pre-intermediate and intermediate students would have already mastered the alphabets. 

Let’s jump right in.

ESL alphabet lessons, worksheets, and Flashcards

The ABC - Flashcards - These flashcards are great for younger learners as it features visual aids. The flashcards have words and pictures corresponding with each letter. As a bonus, it is also a great tool to help build vocabulary for elementary-level students.

ABC Flashcards - This colorful set of flashcards comes with tons of captivating graphics for younger learners. 

Matching Letters Activity - This fun set of flashcards challenges younger students to match capital letters to the smaller corresponding letter. This activity helps learners quickly identify each letter and takes them one step closer to reading. 

Alphabet 2 Flash Cards - These flashcards are in doc format to be easily edited to help match your needs. The cards feature colorful pictures and words corresponding to each letter. You can easily add new words to the flashcards. The cards are geared towards elementary-level students and are a great resource to help introduce new words to your learners’ vocabulary. 

Alphabet Cards - LIke the other flashcards on this list, these set feature visual aids to help improve your younger learners’ memories. They are designed to help put your students on the path to reading success. 

The Alphabet Flashcards - This set of flashcards features various animals and cartoon characters that younger learners might easily recognize. This is a great way to help introduce the alphabet to your young learners while building vocabulary.

Abc Flashcards - This 30 set flashcard includes 26 letters plus four cards with letter combinations - ñh, sh, ph, th. Each letter has a corresponding word and a picture that starts with that letter. This helps younger pupils memorize each letter and is a great way to help build vocabulary as well.

A-Z Flashcards - These alphabet cars not only introduce all 26 letters but also three words for each letter, which helps with pronunciation. 

Alphabet Poster - Designed for younger students (aged 4-7), this flashcard has tons of animated pictures. It can also double as a poster for your classroom as well. 

Printable Alphabet Flashcards - This brightly colored flashcards are perfect for elementary-level students. They feature various animated animals that help younger students memorize each letter. 

Hoops and Yoyo ABC Flashcards - Hoops and Yoyo are a pair of animated cartoon characters featured on Hallmarks cards. Kids naturally gravitate towards the cute team, which would help capture your younger pupils’ attention. 

Individual Letters - Rather than targeting all 26 letters in a single worksheet, you can choose to focus on each letter individually. 

Here is a list of worksheets for each letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

ESL Alphabet Lessons

Alphabet Games for ESL Students

Scrabble Style Phonics Game - I’ve found games are a great way to teach as it captures students attention and helps them memorize the lessons taught. The rules of this Scrabble Style are simple. Students must draw two cards from a bag or hat and must make a word. Example: student draws N and R. The student can make the word "run" The student then gets the points on the cards. To make things more interesting, you can remove the vowels from the bag. This is a great game to play with your pupils while teaching them the alphabet. 

Alphabet Crosswords - This is an excellent game to play after teaching the alphabet to help your pupils reinforce the lessons and words learned. Students must select the correct word from the list and it to do the crossword. They can also write the word under a corresponding picture. Ideally, these words should be taught beforehand while learning the alphabet. This way, the students would be able to recognize the words. 

Give Me a Letter - Like the Alphabet Crossword game, this game should be played with students who have recently learned the alphabet. It is a great way to reinforce what was taught. The rules of the game are simple. The teacher says a letter, and students must complete the table as soon as possible. The first student who fills the line starts the count-down from 20 seconds. This game can be played with both younger and older students.

If you would like even more fun games to help teach the alphabet, consider reading Top 10 Fun Alphabet Games for Your Students.

Because the alphabet is one of the first lessons taught in an ESL class, almost all of the worksheets and lessons mentioned above focused mainly on your younger learners. However, many elementary-level students are adults. Using animated flashcards may not be suitable for more mature students. Consider using PowerPoint presentations as this would make your students feel more comfortable. 

Another challenge you may encounter while teaching adult ESL learners in a classroom environment is that your students may all be at different levels. It is a good idea to run a diagnostic test by having your students fill out a short form with their biographical information such as name, address, age, telephone number, etc. 

To learn more about teaching the alphabet to matured ESL students, continue reading 7 Proven Ways to Teach the ABCs to Adults


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