Let’s Get Together: 7 Print and Go Role Plays for Everyday Social Situations

Let’s Get Together
7 Print and Go Role Plays for Everyday Social Situations

Susan Verner
by Susan Verner 23,884 views

We use English in all kinds of situations from the first time we meet someone until the last time we say goodbye to them.

These everyday situations are the basis for these simple role-plays for ESL students. They are just ordinary situations, but they will challenge your students to use real English in everyday ways to solve a variety of problems. If you don’t have time to prepare for class, don’t worry. These role-plays are print and go, so they are easy to use and just perfect for busy teachers like yourself. So use them all at once, or try one a day to get your students using real language in real ways.

Try These 7 Wonderful Role-play Ideas in Class

  1. 1


    Student A: You made a mistake, and you really upset your friend. You feel really guilty. You want to apologize to your friend and ask his or her forgiveness. You know you will never do something like this again.

    Student B: Your friend really upset you. In fact, you are still angry and don’t even want to talk to him or her. This is not the first time your friend has been thoughtless. If your friend keeps acting this way, your friendship is over.

  2. 2

    Making Plans for the Weekend

    Student A: You are talking to your friends about your weekend plans. You are in the mood for an adventure. You want to convince your friends to take a road trip to a new city and explore all it has to offer.

    Student B: You are so behind on your homework! You will need all weekend to catch up on your work or you will have no chance of passing your class. You know you don’t have time to do anything fun this weekend.

    Student C: Your host family will be celebrating a birthday this weekend. You have never been to an American birthday celebration, and you really want to stay home for the party. Your host family also invited your friends, and you want them to come to the party with you, too.

  3. 3

    Love at First Sight

    Note: feel free to change role genders as necessary.

    Student A: You are at a party and see a beautiful girl across the room. She is perfect, and you have to get to know her (and maybe even marry her!)

    Student B: You just broke up with your boyfriend, and you don’t even want to be at this party. You just came so your friend would not have to be alone. You are just hanging around until your friend wants to go home – the sooner the better.

  4. 4

    At the Restaurant

    Restaurant Patron: The server brings your meal, but your order is wrong. You have to communicate in a polite way that this food is not what you ordered. You will have to convince the server to order is wrong and get him or her to bring you what you did order.

    Server: Your tips depend on the quality of the food, even though you have no hand in preparing it. You want to make your customers happy and make sure they get the best experience they can so you get the best tip that you can. You want to keep your customers happy no matter what.

    Cook: This server often makes mistakes, and he or she often tries to blame you for them. You did not make a mistake with the order, and you will not let the server blame you for his or her mistake again.

  5. 5

    Can I Borrow Your Car?

    Student A: You are the only student among your friends with a car. All the time they want you to drive them places. Usually you don’t mind, but you spend so much money on gas that you don’t have any money left to have fun. Plus, no one is allowed to drive the car except you. Your parents made you promise when they bought you the car.

    Student B: You have to go out of town to be in a friend’s wedding. You are the best man/maid of honor. You cannot fly or take a train. You will have to drive, but you don’t have a car. You need your friend to lend you his car for the road trip.

  6. 6

    Haven’t I Seen You Before?

    Student A: You are shopping at the mall, and you see a friend of a friend. You met him at a party a few months ago. You talked at the party, and you hoped he would ask you out. Unfortunately, you never heard from him after the party. You will talk to him and see if he will ask you for a date.

    Student B: You are shopping at the mall. A girl you don’t recognize comes up and starts talking to you. You want to end the conversation as soon as possible.

  7. 7

    It’s Time to Talk!

    Student A: Student B is always making fun of you in class. He takes your homework and borrows money from you all the time. He never pays you back. You are tired of his bad treatment. It’s time to talk to him about it.

    Student B: Your friend is a real wimp. You try to make him stand up for himself by showing tough love, but he never changes. If he doesn’t do something soon, you will have to tell him he is a wimp. But you don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him feel bad about himself.

We use language in so many ways each and every day. These role-plays will give your ESL students a chance to use real language to solve real life problems and be creative in how they talk to each other. Just print them out and get ready to see your students shine in these social situation role-plays.

What are your favorite role-plays for everyday social situations?

Share them in the comments section below.

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