10 Print and Go Worksheets on Adjectives and Adverbs

10 Print and Go Worksheets on Adjectives and Adverbs

Susan Verner
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Are your students successful in their adjective and adverb use?

These little words that describe the objects around us and say how, why, how often, and in what way something happens can add so much to our students’ self-expression. When students have a good command of adjectives and adverbs, they will communicate more clearly and specifically. Here are some worksheets that you will find useful if you are teaching or reviewing adjectives and adverbs with your ESL students. They are straightforward, print and go resources that no ESL teacher should be without.

Teach about Adjectives in a Thrilling Way

  1. 1

    Personality Adjectives

    This two page worksheet includes nine different exercises for practicing correct use and meaning of adjectives that might describe a person. The activities include matching words to pictures, to antonyms, and to synonyms as well as writing original sentences and filling in the gaps to show the meaning of these adjectives. It’s a great resource if you are teaching personality adjectives or a handy worksheet to keep on hand in the classroom.

  2. 2

    Adjective Comparatives and Superlatives

    This eight page print out is a good resource for your students. It clearly illustrates the base, comparative, and superlative forms of sixteen different adjectives, both regular and irregular, in flashcard style. Print them for your students, and then use the cards as a review, to play a modified version of go fish, as a matching game, or in many other ways.

  3. 3

    Adjectives Plus Preposition Worksheet

    We all know that some adjectives pair with certain prepositions to express ideas, and the more practice you can give your ESL students with these match ups the better off they will be. This simple worksheet includes four exercises that help students practice pairing the right adjective with the right preposition. It is targeted for the pre-intermediate level.

  4. 4

    Adjective Prefixes: Questions for Discussion

    This print and go worksheet adds a speaking element to your grammar class while reviewing the meaning and use of prefixes frequently used with adjectives: un-, im-, il-, ir-, dis-, in-, re-, over-, mis-. Students fill in the blank with the correct adjective prefix, and then they work with a partner to answer the questions, which are open-ended. It’s a good grammar review as well as an opportunity for students to share their thoughts with their classmates. Not looking for a discussion activity? Have students complete the worksheet and then choose five questions to answer in writing.

  5. 5

    Make the Sentences Interesting

    In this worksheet, students use their knowledge of adjectives to turn bland, boring sentences into richer more interesting text. Students add adjectives and other descriptive phrases to simple sentences provided on the worksheet. If you choose to use this worksheet for your class, you might want to challenge students to see who can come up with the most interesting, unusual, or funny sentences. If you do, your students will be engaged and have fun as they learn.

Practice Adverbs Brilliantly

  1. 1

    Position of Adverbs Worksheet

    This two page worksheet offers a summary of the five types of adverbs (manner, place, time, frequency, and degree) and where they are generally positioned in sentences. It follows with two exercises where students filling the blank with adverbs and choose the correct phrase to complete a sentence. You can print the worksheet in color or in black and white. It is a good general reference for students when it comes to where adverbs go in a sentence.

  2. 2

    Simple Present Daily Routines

    Print this and go when your students need a review of the simple present and its use with frequency adverbs. It is our most popular worksheet on adverbs. The worksheet starts with a review of the simple present and when to use it, breaking down affirmative, negative, interrogative, and short answer sentences as well as showing how to use adverbs of frequency. It then includes six activities that practice the simple present with adverbs of frequency and in positive and negative form.

  3. 3

    Adverbs of Manner, Place, and Time Worksheet

    If your students are at the start of their adverb education, this worksheet offers exercises for practicing adverbs of manner, place, and time and comes complete with an answer key. In these exercises, students either fill in the blank or write words in the correct order to make a sentence. This is a good worksheet for homework or to keep on hand to fill a few minutes at the end of grammar class.

  4. 4

    Daily Routines

    This most downloaded worksheet on adverbs reviews the simple present as well as adverbs of frequency and when and how to use them. In addition, it includes a list of twenty-three typical daily activities and pictures in full color. Students must match the activity to the correct picture. The worksheet follows with three exercises practicing the simple present tense and adverbs of frequency.

  5. 5

    Frequency Adverb Elementary Worksheet

    This is the worksheet for your students if they are just learning to use adverbs of frequency. Three short activities highlight three basic skills when it comes to adverbs of frequency. In the first, students locate and underline the adverb in a sentence. In the second, they complete the adverb-use rule with choices from a word bank. In the third, students rewrite a simple sentence inserting a given adverb of frequency. If your students are just learning how to use these important adverbs, this may be the worksheet for you.

Whether you use them in class, send them home for homework, or set them up in an independent learning center, these worksheets will be invaluable to you and your students. If you find one you think is particularly great, leave a comment below or on the linked worksheet page.

Do you have a great worksheet of your own? Share it with the rest of us busy teachers. We will all appreciate it.

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