Famous Movie Quotes: PowerPoint Quiz [Part 1]

Famous Movie Quotes: PowerPoint Quiz [Part 1]

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Famous Movie Quotes: PowerPoint Quiz [Part 1]

This is PART 1 of two parts. If you liked this, please download Part 2.

This PowerPoint presentation is a fun way to practice changing Direct Speech into Reported Speech.


First you will view a short embedded video clip from the movie. Watch it several times for extra listening practice. After your students are familiar with the quote, advance to the next slide. There you will see the quotation and three possibilities. Have the students choose the answer that is the most correct. Press the space bar once more and the correct answer will be highlighted. For longer quotes, I just put down the essential part of the quote.

These quotes are the top 47 all-time movie quotes as rated by AFI. Another fun conversation starter is to see how many students recognize these quotes. Most of these have been re-quoted and are simply part of American culture now. Ask them what are some famous quotes from their own culture! They are probably not even aware of it unless you ask. In doing so, you will learn more about their culture too! My students have a blast with this!

Let me know what you think.