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Simple, honest, straightforward

Thank you so much for all the daily tips you are sending! They are simple, honest, straight forward. These tips assure me that I'm doing my job effectively and with love.

Demi Giakoumi, UK

Refreshing as well as intuitive

I plan to make good use of them in a future interactive training session. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for taking the time to share your experience and wisdom. Keep sending more tips!

Philippe Petit, Mexico

Yet one more reason to love my job

I find your tips very helpful and I always look forward to reading them, the moment I switch on my laptop at school! I really like the simplicity and straightforwardness of every tip that you give.

Chryssa Marinou, Greece

So glad I subscribed!

The information I get is brief and helpful, I have been saving many of the tips in my inbox because I want to read them over again later. Thanks a lot!

Renata Viel, Mexico

Extremely helpful!

I really appreciate receiving them because they open new perspectives on my teaching practice. I do recommend them to my co-workers!

Isis Galvão, Brazil

Great inspiration!

Great inspiration to teach every day in class! I highly recommend them to every teacher who would like to excel at their job. You make our working life much easier!

Eva Gonzalez, Spain

I love the tips

I love the tips. They make me remember that I can easily be more creative in my lessons - I get so inspired every time a new tip enters my inbox.

Nana Sophie Holm, Denmark

Some tips are just brilliant

I don't have enough time to read them every day, so I often do it twice a week. I often recommend the site to my collegues, but I'm not sure if they use it.

Iryna Grygorova, Ukraine

Innovative and efficient

The best thing about this newsletter is that the tips are short and direct to the point. They are practical and can be applied easily. I have used a lot of tips in my work so far.

Rayan Bahsoun, Lebanon

These Daily Teaching Tips are just outsanding!

I have been a subscriber for 2 month now and I think this is by far the best decision that I have made. Each tip provides a nugget of wisdom regarding assignment strategies as well classroom management and I'm really grateful for having the opportunity to use them with my students on a daily basis. It has been a complete success so far.

Fodil Selmouni, Canada

I look forward to the Busy Teacher tips every day!

Each one is a great mini reminder of how to better yourself and your classroom. The emails themselves are visually pleasing and are short, sweet, and to the point. I have already recommended it to friends to help them, and they love it too!

Holly Bream, USA

Fantastic ideas usually provided with relatively simple explanations instead of the heavy semantic filled verbose commentaries elsewhere

Your "fun" factor has helped me immensely. thank you!

Colin Palmer, Ukraine

Much better than I expected them to be!

These short, very readable tips are a daily reminder of why I'm a teacher...to do it the right way. They are often just the gentle encouragement I need to go foward, with positive energy, toward new challenges. Thanks and please keep it up.

Nicholas Lewis, France

Each tip is like a refresher for me

While these tips may seem obvious, it often happens that in trying to complete the assigned lesson we miss these very helpful ideas to keep students interested and aid them to remember the points we are wanting to convey.

David Wilson, New Zealand

They are inspirational, creative, helpful

I really appreciate receiving Daily Teaching Tips. They are inspirational, creative, helpful and they can be applied very easily. Thank you!

Petra Slimáková, Slovakia

Mostly fantastic

Helpful and thought provoking. Also serves as a good refresher of things that I ought to be doing or thinking about but have somehow forgotten along the way. Occasionally it's not earth-shatteringly wonderful, but that goes for everything and everyone, and often the best advice is the simplest. So thank you.

Mag Ker, UK

I look forward to receiving more each day

I don't usually sign up for these things as most of the time they are useless and one is just bombarded with emails but your tips have been so valuable and I have implemented a good few of them in my classes and they have been a great success. Keep up the good work.

Renate Handke, Vietnam

My classes have improved since I signed up.

I really love the daily tips and I have absolutely been applying them. I would ask that they arrive at the same time every day, around midday would be great. And the other thing is that sometimes they are very similar...but I know its hard to have 365 unique tips. Having said that, I feel my classes have improved since I signed up. You point out things I would have never thought to do.

Delfina Fernandez Perez, Spain