Good Morning Warmer

Good Morning Warmer

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It's a great game activity. It may be used as an ice-breaker or a "getting to know each other" speaking activity. The level in fact depends on you, because you may change the questions. It doesn't require a lot of preparation from you, but gives your students an opportunity to speak without being stressed. My students really loved playing the game.

- At home prepare some questions or tasks, depending on your students’ level.
In less advanced groups the tasks should be as simple as these:
- smile at a person sitting opposite you,
- shake hands with your neighbors,
- pay a nice compliment to a third person sitting on your right,
- ask a question a second person sitting on your left,
- what is your friend like?,
- what do you do in your free time?,
- what is your favourite book about?,

In more advanced groups the tasks can be a bit more complicated:
- what was the happiest day of your life?,
- where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?,
- what would you change if you were the headmaster of our school?,

Write each question or task on a separate strip of paper and put them all into a basket.
Ask your students to sit in a circle. Give them a basket with your questions/tasks, play music (it should be a fast piece of music). While the music is playing, they should be passing the basket to a person sitting on their right (so the basket is “wandering” around the circle). Stop the music – the person who is holding the basket should take one strip of paper and answer the question or do the task.
My students really like playing the game and they have great time learning English, getting to know one another and playing at the same time :)