201 Professional Sound Effects For Your Lessons

201 Professional Sound Effects For Your Lessons

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201 Professional Sound Effects For Your Lessons

Looking for a way to make your lessons more engaging and learning more fun? Need to add that extra 'something' to your drama production, ICT lesson or PowerPoint presentation?

These professional sound effects, kindly supplied by http://www.soundscalpel.com/ are completely free to download and use for BusyTeacher.org users and can help you add that 'spark' into your lessons and presentations.
201 sound effects are included and span a wide range of genres from ambiences, crowds, comedy sounds, vehicles, monsters, multimedia and interactive tones and much more!



This pack includes 11 ambiences of crowded locations including: airports; bus stations; train stations; shops; malls; bars and restaurants.


This pack includes 30 sound effects of various animals including: cats; dogs; birds; lions; sheep and a horse!


These larger than life comedy/cartoon sound effects can really help capture the imagination and help engage students whilst helping to make learning more fun. The pack contains 12 sounds including: twangs, whistles and other classic cartoon sound effects.

Atmospheric Drones

Commonly used in the film and computer games industries to set a subtle, dark atmosphere, these atmospheric drones can be used for drama lessons and productions or any situation requiring a more sinister or chilling feel! This pack contains 10 drones.


Use at your peril! From bone crunches and snaps to monster grows and screams, this pack certainly isn't for the faint hearted and contains 8 horrific sound effects.


From babies crying and laughing to adults eating, drinking and bodily other bodily functions, this pack contains 36 human sound effects.


These 32 interactive sound effects includes button clicks and other interface tones. They are a great way to add an extra element of interaction in any ITC lesson or PowerPoint presentation.


This pack contains 13 beautifully recorded nature sound effects from ocean waves, rivers and streams to wind, rain and thunder!


This pack contains 16 superbly recorded car, bus, train, motorcycle and aircraft sound effects!


This pack contains 7 real gun sound effects including machine guns, pistols and rifles... and not forgetting a fully raging battle!

Miscellaneous Sound Effects

This general pack contains 26 sound effects ranging from glass smashes, telephones ringing, paper ripping, clocks and much more!

Kindly provided by SoundScalpel.com - Professional sound effects and royalty free music library (see licence agreement)