Prepositions: Listen and Draw

Prepositions: Listen and Draw

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I was to teach my students of primary grades prepositions.
An idea came to my mind..
I thought why not make it a listening & speaking activity. I have managed to use some of the prepositions.

Kindly Note: I did not tell the children that I will be doing prepositions with them.
I asked the children to follow my drawing instructions.

Learning objective: Children learn prepositions unconsciously. Listen with concentration. Understand the positions.

Here are my instructions:

  1. Open a blank page in your note book.
  2. Draw a medium sized square in the middle of the page.
  3. Draw a rectangle inside the square with its shorter side touching the bottom of the square in the middle.
  4. Draw two small squares inside the bigger square at the same level on the either side of the rectangle.
  5. Draw a triangle on top of the square.
  6. On top of the triangle draw a small flag.
  7. Draw two trees beside the big square.
  8. Draw a swing inbetween two branches.
  9. Draw three steps below and touching the big square.
  10. Under the trees draw a small pond with fish swimming.
  11. Draw a few birds above the flag.
  12. Draw a few mangoes hanging from the trees.
  13. Draw a fence around the big trees.
  14. Draw mangoes lying on the ground.
  15. Draw the sun over the birds