Valentine's Day Project: Mouse Pencil Topper

Valentine's Day Project: Mouse Pencil Topper

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Valentine's Day Project: Mouse Pencil Topper

Here's another great Valentine's Day project that you should try with your learners - it's about making cool pencil toppers that kids can then share with friends and loved ones!


The worksheet was kindly provided by Evan-Moor Corp and is also available for free download from their website.

First there is a short reading piece about the history of the St. Valentine's that goes like this:


There actually was a Saint Valentine, although he probably didn’t have anything to do with the celebration we call Valentine’s Day. In fact, no one is certain how the custom of exchanging gifts and greetings of love on Valentine’s Day began. Many sources say the tradition started with the Roman festival of Lupercalia which occurred in February. At this time unmarried women put their names in a container. Unmarried men drew names out of the container to see who would be their sweetheart. By the 17th century, it was a popular custom to send handmade valentines. Today we still celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day.


Then there is a page with instructions on making the actual mouse pencil toppers. You'll learn what materials you will need, tips on the order of making things, and even some ideas on who you can give this present to! Happy St. Valentine's Day!