43 Amazing Valentine Images and 15 Ways ESL Teachers Can Use Them

43 Amazing Valentine Images and 15 Ways ESL Teachers Can Use Them

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43 Amazing Valentine Images and 15 Ways ESL Teachers Can Use Them

This 'must-have' collection contains 43 full-size full color highly motivating images related to the topic of St. Valentine's Day that your ESL learners will surely have a lot to discuss about. 

Highly recommended!

Things you can do with these Valentine images:

  • ask each learner to pick one picture and explain why s/he picked it. This can be done in pairs or small groups, as a writing assignment in class or for homework.
  • ask each group to pick a picture (or do it for them) and tell them they need to make a Valentine story about it.
  • discuss what things people do for their loved ones
  • discuss why it is important to show your love and affection all year long - not only on St. Valentine's
  • cover some part of any picture and have learners guess what's in the hidden part
  • print and cut some pictures into halves/puzzle pieces, hand one to each student as they enter the class, have them find the person with the matching half/classmates with the other pieces of the puzzle
  • have Ss work in pairs or groups to come up with the most creative caption for each picture
  • in pairs, Ss come up with 'before' and 'after' storylines for each picture.
  • Write captions for each photo, print them out and cut into pieces, Ss put the sentences for each picture in the correct order.
  • Ask Ss to group the images into 3/4/5 categories and explain why they grouped them this or that way.
  • use these images for creative St. Valentine's greeting cards templates that your learners will write.
  • ask your learners to try and group the images according to when they are likely to happen: before the 14 Feb, on this day, or after.
  • discuss with your learners what kinds of love there can be (man+woman, mother+kids, citizen+country, etc).
  • have students order the images in a particular sequence and explain their order/choice.
  • use the images as flashcards for introducing/practicing Valentine's vocabulary (love, heart, candy, etc) 


You're most welcome to suggest your own ideas on how these great images can be used!


All images are distributed by their owners on Flickr, please

. The file with image credits is also included with the archive.





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Please review the images carefully when deciding which of them are appropriate for the age group you will be teaching.


Happy St. Valentine's Day!